September 26


Shifts of Being

By Adela Rubio

September 26, 2008

We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released. Jean Houston

You have the spark of genius encoded in every aspect of your being. One of the reasons you may not be fully connected to this awareness is the vibrational pull of the energies around you and the vibrance of your own energetic field.

Take a moment to just notice the energy of you and the energy of your world – your physical spaces, the people around you, the work you do, the ideas that you have about money, love, relationship, existence, etc. Notice if they open up your energy and propel you into flow and brilliance. If they don't, chances are that you are ripe for a shift of being.

There's nothing that you really need to DO to access your magnificence. Most often it is an undoing that is called for. Are you willing to release and relinquish what's not really YOU? This requires a level of trust in your own ability to know what's true. Often it can be a process of spiraling into the undoing until you experience a breakthrough in awareness in which you KNOW and TRUST in your own authority. This shifts you into another level of vibration where you literally become a ‘new being.' You are no longer attached to your history or what was. You are a brand new spanking being.

Once you're there, it's a place of no return. There's no slipping into unconsciousness and losing it. You know clearly and vividly the TRUE of YOU.

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