Shift Your Level of Engagement

PhotobucketEver wonder how to flip the switch from 3D human to transformative energy agent?

Who you are being dictates the spectrum of potential and possibility that is available to you in any given moment. How you view the world is filtered through the lens of your level of engagement.

These levels of engagement are a device, a transformative tool, for your own dynamic engagement of what’s true. They are not set in stone. They are not a truth! They are merely a tool to shift your being.

Let's explore the levels of engagement to get a sense of the potential that's possible in every moment:


This is the 3-dimensional (3D) level of reality that 98% of the planet is connected to. It is limited to the five senses and ‘apparent’ physical reality. It is locked into time and space and the world of external form. Reality is experienced through the ‘personal’ perspective. It is something that happens to you, you are at effect. There is very little control of your energy and your level of consciousness. You're at the effect of external factors, you're surfing on the surface of consciousness. It’s all about ‘me and mine.’ You exist primarily at the level of the mind, the ego and the roles of your personality.


Energetically, this is just a step above ‘the personal.' There is an increased venturing into the non-physical aspects of your nature [emotional, mental, spiritual], there is a greater sense of awareness of your expansiveness and a call to experience ‘no separation’ or source. There is still a seeking outside yourself for verification of what’s true so you are still dependent on teachers, gurus, trainings, etc. You can even be on the ‘spiritual path' but at this level it is more of an enchantment with the seeking vs a realization, a finding or engagement, of the energy in your world. There are moments of connection and expansiveness, but it's not sustainable yet. There is more of an intellectual entertainment of core truths vs the practical living of it.


A dynamic, fluid adventure in being, your authority is at full throttle. It is the territory of no doubt and core certainty. Form shifts rapidly as you engage the naked potential before you. You are the energy that ripples transformation. Your words and your energy transform everything. Your Presence ripples potential into being. You are co-creative and at cause, you know when you are the wave and when you are riding the wave. You are open, expansive, joyful, in flow, living it, being the Being. You are hyper creational and dynamically aware. Your actions are sourced from your authority and your level of responsibility is powerfully present. You are the ripple of evolution in the cosmic ocean of creation.

Who are you Being? At which level are you engaging life: personally, transitionally or transformatively? Your choice is essential not only for your own personal evolution but for the evolutionary stream of creation.

Adela Rubio

Adela Rubio writes and speaks on awakening your creative essence with the power of collaboration and community. She's hosted 20+ Women's Writing Circles, 30-Day Adventures, and Telesummits.

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