January 5


Shift Your Assumptions

By Adela Rubio

January 5, 2010

Energy Shifts, Energy Shifts I

If you did this ONE thing, your life would shift 360 degrees.

That's right. Just this one practice alone can transform your relationships, clarify your vision and activate your essence: Question Your Assumptions.

Often this can be a  ‘mote in the eye' experience. You don't even realize you're assuming, because you're under an assumption. [Feel the smile as you land the awareness of that.] Yeah, paradoxical and astounding every time it happens.

It's either the ton of bricks hitting you square between the eyes or that sudden spark of light that goes on in the darkened inner corridors. The sudden realization hits you: you've been operating under an assumption . . . Still!

The best response to these moments is to laugh, or say, “Yes, I see you now!” Another door in the mansion of magnificence has opened to you and you can choose from what's true, instead of react from faulty vision. Ah, the sweetness of response vs reaction.

How do you know if you're operating under an assumption? Some of the telltale signs are: you're not in flow, you're feeling resistance, you have a need to control, you're in judgment. So, if clarity hasn't clobbered you yet, try this 3-step process:

1. Curiously question your assumption. No need for courage or will. Just lightly explore. Imagine you're on an adventure and you want to take in as much as you can. You question everyone you meet because you want to make sure you make the most of your trip. The quality of your questions, dictates the quality of your answers. Question away! Play with the questions.

2. Notice everything. The very act of noticing shifts reality. Take a look at the big picture and then drill down to the details. Notice the thoughts and feelings. Notice the inner dialogue. Just keep noticing and noticing and noticing. There's no discussion, no conversation, just noticing as if you were at the IMax Theatre, watching a feature presentation in 3D.

3. Articulate your awareness.You can do this through writing and then reading your writing. you can also go the other way and record yourself and then listen. Allow the puzzle pieces to fall into place. Don't force, just flow. Feel your awareness like a mist, like a movement, like your breath, like a breeze. It touches clarity and reshapes, reforms, evolves into more and more awareness.

If your assumption regards another, wait until you've gone through this process before you attempt communication. You must be able to listen AND express in communication. Often when assumptions have been made there  is no true listening because there is an underlying agenda wanting to be fed. And, you cannot clearly communicate when you are not able to articulate cleanly.

This practice alone can completely transform your life.

PS. This video by Paul Nicklen describes his most amazing experience as a National Geographic photographer – coming face-to-face with one of Antarctica's most vicious predators. It gives a great spin on assumptions.

Image:  Jump, H Koppdelaney

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  1. Hi Adela,

    Thanks for the recap! So true! Thanks for the great information! I wish I could make the morning sessions – so thanks for the post.

    I think we feed our intuition when we are super observant. The answers are there waiting for us to see, feel, know and experience, if we are willing to look. When I do this, I have noticed underlying unconscious needs in my assumptions. I have also noticed unconscious and unknown qualities about myself that I needed to be aware of and own. I did this recently with a past event and discovered where I took a wrong turn. I took responsibility for my mistake. I discovered more self-knowledge that ended up guiding me today. I feel like I have a second chance to act with more awareness. I am in a better position to negotiate a win/win, at least try for a win/win. Your post coincides with a book I am reading – “Rule the World from Your Couch” By Laura Day. It is about using intuition in many different forms to see into situations and get the answers we need to move forward. It is a great book.

    I love your detailed and articulate posts Adela, thanks for sharing your insights and great information! Sandy

  2. Hi Adela!
    Love that video – that IS such a great twist on assumptions. (can’t believe the size of those teeth – think I would have made a big assumption if I saw those and swam the other way!

    You’re such an amazing writer and love how you remind me of things to practice – thanks for sharing all you wisdom 🙂

  3. Daydream Resonance
    Zinging into consciousness the deepness
    Lands my heart extends, expands
    Revealing me to me right now.
    This alivenesss extends my being
    As waves pulse through me
    My massiveness increases the current
    Comes crashing through the ceiling
    Of my sensitive soul and I feel solid
    Streams the conscious flow
    Reeling in to what is right.
    I am dynamically daydreaming.
    My resonance is purer now
    Purpose waterfalls washing
    Soulful songs of gladness
    Giving great life grandly
    Magnifying my magic.

    ROSEMARY 5.1.10

    All assumptions wash away in the moment of the energy landing gracefully and true knowing reveals my truth.

  4. Yes searching through our assumptions can bring up remarkable insights. With judgements too we realise so much about life that we ignore….out with the mind! In with sensing!

    The video is just breathtaking and what a lesson to us all. Fabulous and huge thanks Adela.

  5. I’ve been working with several of my friends on Don Miguel Ruiz’ Four Agreements. Assumptions are a biggie… it is so helpful to be present to when we are choosing or acting or being based on our assumptions rather than the facts, just the facts, please.. ma’am.

    Looking forward to hearing more in the AM.

    1. Julie,

      This continues to be one of my favorite playgrounds. Unmasking the assumptions. We’ll play in a bit and unravel some more. Here’s to the unwinding!

      I LOVE the Four Agreements. It is one of the classic standards for transformation. We’ll be touching on all four in the program.

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