September 26


Sensing Your Body Smile

By Adela Rubio

September 26, 2007


One of my favorite people, Marci Grossman, asked a question this morning which I found to be a beautiful energy shifting tool: What kind of weather, season, temperature, whatever do you find most energetic?

My response: Though I don’t find that my energy is tied into the weather or my mood or whether my toes are painted, I find that my body smiles most on a sunny day with a cool breeze and on rainy days when the water is just pouring and the sound lulls me into serenity.

I noticed that I immediately went to both of these scenes and fully immersed myself in the joy they bring me. What a wonderful time-out to align my energy deliciously.

I must say that I also make a point of scheduling in lots of those kinds of experiences. They totally keep me in the vibrant zone and I notice the energy and creativity that permeate my day when I do so.

Last Sunday was a perfect example of that. That's my gorgeous daughter, Erica, in the picture with me. We decided to wet our toes at Point Pleasant beach. The day was gloriously sunny and warm and we share the same passion for each other's company. Wow! What a stupendous time. I'm still feeling the joy ripple into my week as a consequence of being in her company and choosing to enjoy the day.

What brings you sheer, unadulterated joy – in your body and your being?

How often do you create the space to experience that every day?

Why not now . . .

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