December 26


Self Acceptance: The Path to Effortless Change

By Adela Rubio

December 26, 2007

Change, Choice


Self acceptance has long been touted as a key to real and lasting change in the human consciousness movement. Easier said than done, right? How often do you second guess yourself, wishing for things to be different? How often do you criticize your way of being, thinking and acting? It is impossible to change anything until you are ready to be with it. Practicing to accept yourself, as you are, is paradoxically the key to change.

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I can change. Carl Rogers

This acceptance is not resignation to your apparent problems and perceptions. On the contrary, it is a portal to discernment of what is TRUE. The journey of self acceptance attunes you to the ripples on the surface of the lake. As you notice the come and the go, you become more deeply present to an ever pulsing rhythm that is a solid core of IS-ness, of BE-ing, of ALL-ness. You come to know that you are THAT, too.

Step into the heartbeat of the LIVING now:

1. Breathe, relax, expand . . . easily and deliciously. Ahhhh!
2. Feel the ripple of you in the neverending-ness of ALL.
3. Become aware of your superconnection to the streaming of life.
4. Stand in your vibrantly dynamic presence and know the all of YOU.
5. Allow the streamings of you to play powerfully in the present moment.

All is well my friends. Have a glorious week and may more of what's TRUE about you awaken in the ever present NOW.


Image: Sorceress, KatMary

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