April 6


Seeding the New

By Adela Rubio

April 6, 2010

Energy Shifts, Energy Shifts II

The energy of the new nestles in your being, just like  the seemingly dormant seedling lying in the moistness of  Gaia. Nurtured by darkness and profound stillness, the rising force of life bursts forth into fruition, seeding life with it's glorious bounty.

Often we seek respite from these moments of apparent emptiness, seeking to move into action that which has yet to fully form. This state of no-thing-ness is the compost of creation. Inactivity is but a signpost to this creative  chasm from which unknowing comes into being. The wellspring of life sparks into a symphony of celebration in the conscious concert of co-creation.

You too are giving life to  the new in each moment. Particularly at this time of year, a cycle of awakening beckons your being into movement. Notice the natural flow of your dynamic essence as it partners with creation to bring the more into your life. Whether it's a new interest, idea or implementing what you've already laid the foundation for, life is ready here and now for YOU!

Image:  Child Tending Broken Baby Seedlings – Pink Sherbet

Listen to the replay…

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  1. Hi Adela,
    This is so wonderfully in synchronicity! As I bring my new creation in to the world, it is powerful to sit in the quiet and awaken to the YES!!!!

    Thank you!

  2. Hi, Adela….Spring is Mother Nature’s ultimate YES! And it is a YES to be connected audibly with the tribe again, even though I’m not audible (laryngitis). Since I am one of the “chatty Kathy’s” (Gemini) of the cosmos, it actually feels good for a minute to remain silent and listen…a good reminder to do this more often. You can actually learn things that way! :-). Thank you, dear one.

    1. Sus,

      Funny how life gives us a respite when she wants to make a point. I would also add that speaking is probably one of the ways you ‘move the energy.’ No apologies needed there.

      Your energy is, as always, palpable and present, dear Sus. Thanks for being in the tribe.

  3. Yes to the seedlings! Yes to the shift during this Spring Gathering! Yes to the newness of life and a deeper love of creative juices flowing forth…bathing those seedlings with joyous Sacred Waters!

    Your words, your Muse speaks volumes. I give thanks for you my SiStar and the Tribe of Conscious Energy Shifters.

    1. Tonya,

      Thank you darling, in those Sacred Waters with you! You bless everyone with your being. My deepest appreciation for your wondrous essence in this adventure.

  4. Sus,

    Indeed, it is awesome to be together. I am thrilled that you are fully immersed in the cosmic connection of our gathering.

    It is good, my friend.

  5. Thank you, Adela, for a wonderful shift.

    YES to the new. The new is sparkling and shimmering. My container was expanded this morning. There is no separation between Old and New. Their fusion is creating a different delicious-tasting soup of depth and wisdom, shimmer and light, courage and potential!

    Wonderful to see everyone in the Tribe again, beings from the past, as well as NEW members, who were with us energetically in the past.

    The collective, supportive, tribal experience really brings everything into a different dimension of higher potential.
    I feels as though we are, once again, gathered around the sacred fire.

    Peace, and Love, and Light with You All!

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