October 29


Seasons Shift (and So Do You)

By Adela Rubio

October 29, 2023

In the Northeast, the Seasons are shifting. Interspersed with fall temperatures we've also had summer days. The Seasons now seem to bleed into one another. That's a shift.

This season always fills me with goosebumps and thrills. It promises a visit to the otherworlds. The ones normally unavailable. Seasons are like bookends, marking beginnings and endings. It's a liminal space, a portal brimming with the unknown and unimagined.

Considering this season, a memory from 1965 assails me. I'm about 8 years old with a really bad haircut + some gaps in my teeth. The air has a crisp and forbidding feel, scattered leaves litter the ground crunching with every step. A sudden gust of wind pushes against me. My little feet gather steam as I leap up the library steps two at a time. I stock up on scary books, find a reading nook, and settle in. It's going to be a long stay. On the way home I feel the otherworld still with me.

Suspense is the worst kind of scary and every season has its dose of it. We have all experienced the conflicting desire to suspend and discover the unvarnished truth.

“Life is a series of seasons, and what works in one season may not work in the next. What season are you in right now? What habits does that season require?” James Clear

Every Season will give you an opportunity to test out its truths.

What Does This Season Require? (Journal Prompt)

Each season is a dance of problem and possibility. You hover, lose balance, and return. Again and again. Practice helps strengthen the foundation of trust that is essential for your movement.

You've picked up many tools and skills that add to your strengths and gifts. Perhaps there is a different mix of those that will support you perfectly. Maybe a different pathway calls to you.

Take time to explore what serves you in this Season. Grab your journal and write for 5 minutes. You can use this prompt:

This Season requires…

Seasons shift and so do you. You can shift with it.

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Adela Rubio

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Adela Rubio hosts trainings and events on activating your creative essence with collaboration and community. She's hosted 40+ Online Events (30-Day Events, Virtual Summits, and digital marketing trainings) and facilitated 100's of Writing Circles.

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