January 31


Ride Your Power Fully

You are the creator of your own reality, you are the god that is the creator of worlds. Don't be humble and try to make yourself apart from that. Embrace it, and accept it and ride that wave. Abraham

What would it take for you to step up to this level of power and authority? Are you ready to unleash the Being?

Engage the Being that is lurking right there, at the edge of your awareness. If you have been guided to this community and to this place it is because you are ready to spark into active play the energy of your creations now.

The door is open. Come on in, pull up a comfy chair, your favorite warm drink is waiting for you. And I am here to toast your magnificence into unleashed celebration!


We're coming to the close of our 30 days together. Didn't it go in a flash? Thank you to everyone who's participated, in whatever way you've joined us. So much has happened, in such a short time.

Look for an announcement later today as to how we can continue to build on the energy, momentum and magic that we've created over these 30 days!

Thank you for ALL that you bring to this moment.


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