November 1


Resistance is Good News

Ever find yourself in a situation where something was required of you but you didn't want to do it? Did you do it or did you push it away, avoid the task, or postpone and procrastinate? Sometimes it's not about outsourcing. Sometimes there is something in the energy of resistance that is calling you into a greater potential.

So, how do you know whether it's for you, or not for you? How do you determine if something is calling for YOUR attention or if just needs to get done? How do you distinguish between avoidance and delegation?

If you check in with yourself right now, you KNOW when something is calling for your involvement. There's a nagging feeling that there's something for you ‘to do.' No matter how you turn the turkey it still comes up for you to slice it. No diversionary tactics will do, in the end you know when the ball is yours to hit.

Here are some things to help you shift the energy of resistance into potential:

1. Consider who you are being. Are you a 3d human or a transformational agent? Are you feeling at cause, or at effect? Are you coming from ‘more than' or ‘less than'? Shift into a state of being that will allow you to authentically engage the energy of what is at hand. Breathe, relax and expand into your most superconnected, vibrant being. Feel your direct connection to the field of intelligence that is life. Feel your collaboration with All That Is, you are a magnificent vehicle for dynamic potential. Everything that you need is available here and now.

2. Embody the outcome now. Feel the energy of the task at hand. Engage the outcome energetically, feel it sense it, taste it, touch it. What is the BIG vision that this task serves? Who will benefit from it? What will they gain? What will now be possible because you collaborated with the movement of it into reality? Visualize and energize the outcome in detail. This isn't about you (personally), this is about the greater outcome that you are engaging for ALL.

3. Engage the task energetically. If the task is to call people you don't know, invite them to an Opening Reception to your Yoga Studio and you FEEL like you're cold calling SHIFT THE ENERGY. 🙂 Engage the energy of the community and envision the ripples of transformation and joy that will be created by your studio. Feel the value your offer, and imagine speaking to a friend and sharing the great news. Connect with the person, connect with the vision, connect with your potential and call it ALL into being.

You don't shift reality by staying in the comfortable and well worn grooves. Things shift because you are compelled to reach past the barriers of what was into what's to come. You transform in the process and thereby so does your world. Resistance is good news, it points to your next frontier.



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