Resistance Frees Your Potential

Resistance is one of those concepts that has gotten lots of bad press in personal development circles. Truth is, however, that it does not show up unless you've stepped into the powerful playground of Potential.

Resistance is actually a signpost that you are up for the greatness game. Doesn't it make sense that you would not clam up, frantically avoid, or even flat out run for the hills, unless it was something that took you beyond your edge in a BIG way?

Although the edge is fraught with fear and anticipated failure, it is also full of excitement and promise. Let's face it! You can only put off that siren song for so long. At some point, you realize that your relentless inner voice will not give up, give in or get out… unless you pay attention. And make no mistake, your attention is what is required.

The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter. It's not always clear why. But I think it is clear, that you will do great things. Mr. Ollivander, Harry Potter

Notice as you dance at the edge of potential if resistance masquerades as a champion for Abundance:

  • Does it seem like creating wealth would require too much change for you? There are a lot of things that are up for revision when you make more money – your beliefs, friends, environment, even how you spend your money or your time. This will definitely position you for a steady stream of uncertainty.
  • Do you feel a huge outcry to STOP taking action on that project because of the sheer discomfort you experience? The litany of your inner critic points out that you don't know enough, don't have the right connections and lack the reach required to succeed. The voices are SO loud and incessant that the extended state of excitation is urging your body to relax and release.
  • Do you find yourself unwilling to accept “what is” and struggling with how things “should be”? This is a great distraction that will have you caught up in a roller coaster of emotions, zap the little energy available and will siphon off your ability to take action.

Loosen up your hold on resistance and you will come to realize that it is a portal to potential and possibility! Here is a 4-Step Process to melt resistance and  unleash your abundance:

1. Choose to be the one who knows. Use your presence practice, or whatever tool or process works for you. The important thing is to experience for yourself your ability to feel, sense and know.

2. Pause and curiously question the resistance.  Nothing heavy handed here, let curiosity rule the day. You have the capacity to discover the core resistance that is restricting your flow.

 3. Now, flip the resistance! Try it on and see how it feels. You may find that you'll have to go through this 3-step process several times, going through the spiraling layers of resistance to reach the core resistance. Once you've identified it, it will collapse all the others.

4. Imagine yourself fully embodying your new awareness. See yourself BEing the new You, sans resistance. What new possibilities are now available to you?

Resistance is good news, it clamors so loudly to gain your attention. But,  just like a mother in the throes of labor pains, the way to the other side is to surrender to the powerful partnership of creation. Resistance and potential are inextricably intertwined, they both serve to bring you into BEing.

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 Image: Dran, Hikkers

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  1. Thanks Adela for speaking up about resistance. Recently I took an Improv class and the first thing we learned was to shout “Hooray!” when we made a “mistake”. I’m imagining a world where we all shouted “Hooray!” when any of us ran into some heavy resistance, celebrating that we were well on our way to changing in just the way we wanted.

  2. Great points, Adela! I’d like to add that it’s possible to have a conversation with Resistance and find out how it’s trying to help. It will tell you what you’re afraid of and how to proceed toward success.

  3. I read the first paragraph and shouted, “YEP!” and then laughed, because last night I felt unaccountably restless and grumpy, after a STELLAR weekend filled with events that show me I’m on the right path! It was like I couldn’t allow myself to bask in the happy for longer than a couple of days or my inner crank would explode. I did some EFT and have been doing it almost daily on whatever resistance comes up. Thanks for this article 🙂

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