January 1


Reinvent Ritual for the Dawn of a New Decade

By Adela Rubio

January 1, 2010

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Human beings have ritualized their hopes and intentions since the beginning of time. The New Year is an energetic opening to possibility so it's only natural to focus on your dreams and yearnings.

Often, the problem with ritual today can be that you have disconnected from the power of it's original intention. Our world has evolved, and the rituals of yesteryear may or may not meet the need of the day.

I don't do resolutions, but I do create intentions. Here are seven  ‘rituals' which are sure to imbue this year with the essence of your being :

1. Light a 7-day candle and imbue it with your intentions for the new year. Pick a color that engages you. Each day spend some time with your candle and the energy of your intentions. Journal about your a-ha's, intuitive hits and creational outflows.

2. Pick an essential oil that is in alignment with your intentions for the year. For 7 days put some of the oil on your 7 energy centers as you speak out loud your intentions for the year. Allow your body to move as the intentions anchor and ripple into your being.

3. Pick a theme for the year. It could be freedom, risk, choice, connection. You'll know it's the right one because it feels scary and exciting at the same time.

4. Choose an area in your life where you can be boldly you and come out of the closet. A place where you've been holding yourself apart, an aspect of you that is seeking to be unleashed. Perhaps you've secretly longed to be a writer or perform. Maybe you've got a yen to try your hand at drawing or playing a guitar.

5. Write a poem or a message to the new you in the new year. Fill it with details, color it in!

6. Make a pact with yourself to offer your service to others on a regular basis – it could be bi-weekly, once a month, or  quarterly. Try leading an in-person writing group, a teleclass on visualization, a yoga class at your local seniors center or a cooking class for your church group. Realize that you are making deposits in the blessing bank of life and that abundance will surely flow your way.

7. Gather with a group of like-minded friends and each of you write a New Year's blessing, share it out loud.

Here is my New Year's blessing to you:

May this year bring greater clarity to your vision.
May you aliven your dreams in your own inimitable fashion.
May you step into action, with increased certainty.
May your circle of influence expand exponentially.
May you translate your talents into tangible abundance.
May your work weave the fabric of a new world.

What ritual, blessing or offering do you have for the dawn of this decade? Please share it with us below.

Image: Luxo Art by Deviant Art

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  1. Blessings All!

    Such beautiful sharing of the Spirit of Love! The poetry in motion, the energy of shifting consciously with grace and ease is so enticing and fulfilling!

    I give thank for being a part of this Grand Design.

    Thank you all for sharing your Medicine Gifts. The world is a better place because of YOU!

    1. Yes, Tonya, it’s good to be here and feel yourself as the weave of connective presence. The world evolves and ripples into vibrance as each of us owns the beauty of our being and as we choose to be ‘it’ in all ways. Thanks for dropping in your pearls. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Adela and the community of individuals for coming together in Loving support.

    A Message From The Universe

    My Love for you is infinite. It extends beyond the moon, wraps itself around the stars, turns the planets and expands into forever. It then comes back around and holds you securely in the most loving of hugs. It is in every breath that fills your lungs. It is in every molecule that you ingest. It radiates up from the earth and fills you as you go about your day. You dance with it every night as you dream. It is present in every child you hold, every tear that you weep, every thought that loves. It caresses your mind, holds your heart and gazes into your face continually. It is the lump in your throat, the laughter in your soul, the music of your days. It is all that you are, all that I envision you as, all that you aspire to be, yet you are already. I weep at the sheer magnificence of you, I crumble in your presence for you are brilliant and beyond My wildest expectations. You are Love. You think I inspire you, yet the opposite is true. You inspire Me. You inspire Me to be more, to expand myself beyond what I am and to give it all right back to you.

    I Love You,
    The Universe
    Uni – Verse
    One Song

  3. Thankyou for a wonderful start to the year Adela………

    Two thousand and ten
    Comes blazing through the door
    I feel so much in store
    At last I know the show
    Is mine to dance
    Powerfully through
    New starts heart high
    Reaching for the sky
    Trying no more but sliding
    Along the path journeying
    On and on excitement
    Rises fluidly I cruise
    Creating new life
    All abuzz bursting beyond narrow
    Shores exploring endlessly
    Clarity visions its murmurings
    Strings silent words of wisdom
    And I sing joyfully to enjoy.

    Rosemary Graham

    New Year dawns sunshining
    Serenely across the garden
    Gloriously cascading new
    Essences in songs
    Showering from above
    Love abounds all around
    This new day dances.
    Darkness dimmed distantly
    Firework showers glowed
    The change full stream ahead
    Powerfully light burst through the glow
    Of life bestowing here so clear
    I hear it now joyful rhythms
    Of time sublime in time.
    Messaging in soft whisperings
    Ablaze with life’s fresh offerings
    Openness to clarity of vision.

    Rosemary Graham

  4. Blessings Be to All …
    To those of us who are joined with you and are on your calls, may 2010 be our best year ever.
    I feel blessed to be connected with all the Connectors; the Movers & Shakers of our Worlds of Inspiration and blessed to be part of the Shift to evolve Humanity. Filled with gratitude…

  5. Hi Adela,

    Thank you for your lovely blessing and all you do. I enjoy your daily blog here and 9am message. I’m so glad you started it over vacation so I get to listen in live for a few days. May you and all your readers have a blessed new year.

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