April 30


Reality is a Myth: Be a Rebel

By Adela Rubio

April 30, 2008

Limiting Beliefs

What if your fixed view of reality were a strategy to make you feel safe, to conform to consensus and to harness your vital essence?

I don't usually consider myself a conspiracy theorist, but the more I have stepped outside the box of everyday reality the more that I have come to question rather than conform to the way things are.

What you believe to be true, the mental construct that comprises ‘the real world,' is based not only on the limited information from your senses, but also on a smorgasbord of beliefs, ideas, theories, and musings you've picked up along the way.

Haven't you noticed how much of what you at first believed to be true isn't, upon further investigation. Comb your memory banks and see how many of these experiences you can just rattle off.

Rigid belief is a model of the world that creates mental dysfunction.
Mark Joyner

If you do the ‘chicken or the egg exploration” as to what came first, you'll notice that most of what you believe to be true and YOU isn't!

What you consider to be you is a collection of beliefs and behaviors that you have acquired over time, somewhat like your wardrobe. At least you change your wardrobe seasonally and will even donate unused items to your local charities. When was the last time you did this with your perception of reality? When was the last time you decided to upgrade your version of what's true?

So, what to do then? If who you are and what you believe your reality to be are not so, then what do you do? How do you proceed? How do you determine what's real?

There's good news and bad news.

The bad news is it's all a story. That's right. It's all a fabrication, a woven tale. Religion, government, school, marriage, mortgages, etc. It's just that groups of beliefs, or models, have reached critical mass from SO many people buying into the constructs. The specific constructs aren't intrinsically true, they're a mass agreement. The good news is “It's ALL made up!” so take out your wand and start weaving your own magical tale!

How do you begin?

You question, you explore. You unhook, you detach, you create space around everything. You begin to listen from a deeper space, the inner space of you. You expand your capacity to sense, to feel and to know for yourself. You step out of the box and live from your own sense of truth. You say “Yes!” to your vision and inner rumblings! You act upon the true rhythms pulsing through your being.

Let that determine the roll of the dice, not what someone else has dictated for you. Don't conform! Question . . . ALL of it.

Image: Magical Day Ending, Pablo Tano

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