May 15


Ready for a Transforming Read?

By Adela Rubio

May 15, 2011

Business Tips

You may have heard the buzz already about the new book Trust Your Heart: Turn Your Ideas into Income.  Written by 19 individuals who once had a vision in their hearts and who made those dreams real – this book is taking the internet by storm.

And no wonder!  How many folks like you are reading this – creative individuals with awesome ideas, just waiting to transform them into a cash-producing, successful business?

If that is you – if you've got a dream burning in your soul, desperate to become reality – you'll adore Trusting Your Heart: Turning Your Ideas into Income.

The publisher, Marnie Pehrson, called to ask if I would write a chapter for this book a few weeks ago.  My chapter is called Take Responsibility for Your Life and tells a little of how I shifted my inner voices from critics to champions..

This book is more than just a feel-good, you-can-do-it, rah-rah deal.  It's full of tips and techniques that really worked.  Systems that you can take, adapt to your own needs and go for it!

It's time to make your dreams reality, and this time, there's nothing to hold you back!

Get your copy of this life-transforming book now!

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