August 22


Raw Food Cleanse: It Started With Mediterranean Kale Salad

By Adela Rubio

August 22, 2007

Whole Foods Nutrition

I'm more than half way through my raw food cleanse, on Day 17 of 28, and it’s been astounding. The goal of the cleanse is vitality and health and I can surely attest to being in the experience of it. My thinking is clear, my energy is high, my skin has a sheen to it and I've lost some weight. Whelan, at Cousin's Incredible Vitality, said that I was reflecting the ‘youthing effect' of the cleanse.

First of all it's been easy and effortless. Part of the reason for this is that I've partnered with my friend and business partner, Simone Peer, and I'm staying with her in Chicago.

The program includes boxed raw food meals that we pick up twice a week to ensure variety and freshness. Daily green juices and wheatgrass are also included so it brings us into the environment of raw food living and inspiration.

I've had plenty of opportunities to identify some of the unconscious eating that I might have engaged in, like sampling chips at Whole Foods. We stopped to get some fruit and I noticed how my body was being pulled towards the chips on display and my hand was lifting of its own accord.

Last Saturday we went out to dinner with friends at an organic restaurant and I noticed the quantity of food that is ingested when dining out – bread, appetizer, meal, dessert, wine, etc. We had a delicious salad. One of the benefits of the raw food cleanse has been a diminished desire for large portions and also sharpened taste buds.

We've been moving around quite a bit so our food is usually packed in a cooler. I hear that's a raw food accessory. But it's been interesting to see people's response to our eating differently. There's usually an awkward pause and sometimes a question . . . WHY or WHAT FOR?

It brings to mind how often we are lulled into conformity because being different calls into action your voice and your essence. That's an arena that most of us have been trained to shy away from and yet it is what's most rewarding. Think of anyone who's done anything extraordinary and you'll notice they went against the grain, against the norm of the day.

Who knows, someday I might say it all started with a Mediterranean Kale Salad. 🙂

Image: Transparent Jar and Glasses with Citrus Fruits, Isolated, Pham

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