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Radical Brilliance: Unleash Your Creative Essence with Arjuna Ardagh

By Adela Rubio

May 28, 2018

Free Your Essence

Radical Brilliance is a discovery guide on how you can make brilliance a more predictable phenomenon in your life.

Have you ever wondered what's special about you, what's your unique contribution? Arjuna Ardagh has been on a mission to answer that question. He had very personal reasons for doing it too.

Arjuna starts off his book, Radical Brilliance, with a provocative admission: “This book is the fruit of my lifelong experience of feeling like a misfit.”

This touches a deep chord of resonance for those of us who feel like strange rangers, round pegs in square holes, those who don't fit in. Depending on your perspective being different can be a glorious adventure or an alienating experience.

I've been on that hamster wheel. In my case, it was my summer of healing. I decided I'd heal myself in one fell swoop and invested $12,000 in alternative healing therapies. I felt like Tantalus always reaching for water and never quite quenching my thirst.

It took me a while to get that I was really looking for something else.

If you've been on a path of seeking and haven't arrived at the conviction on your Radical Brilliance, or if you want to increase innovation and creativity in your world, Arjuna has answers and a pathway.

Ready to get off that roller coaster and tap into your innate genius? Arjuna has walked this path. He's interviewed more than 420 brilliant people and mapped out how to elicit the genius that resides within you.

Get Radical Brilliance

Arjuna has been a guest speaker at my community several times. He's always insightful, informative and a pleasure to share.

Here's some of what we'll explore:

  • The Brilliant Cycle
  • 4 Ways You Get Stuck
  • Establishing a Brilliant Routine
  • Practices to Awaken Your Brilliance

We'll try to cover as much as we can in our time together. I'll post highlights of the interview afterward.

If you're ready now go ahead and get the book! I received a review copy of the book and it's riveting!

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Arjuna Ardagh is a bestselling writer, public speaker and executive coach, who has trained more than 2000 coaches over the last 25 years. He is the author of nine books, including the 2005 #1 National Bestseller The Translucent Revolution.

His latest book, Radical Brilliance, is the anatomy of how and why people have original ideas which change the world. He has been a speaker at conferences all over the world, including at Google and the United Nations. He lives with his wife, Chameli in Nevada City, California. They have two grown sons and two mischievous kittens.

Adela Rubio

About the author

Adela Rubio hosts trainings and events on activating your creative essence with collaboration and community. She's hosted 40+ Online Events (30-Day Events, Virtual Summits, and digital marketing trainings) and facilitated 100's of Writing Circles.

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