December 31


Purifying Perception for the New Year

By Adela Rubio

December 31, 2009

Energy Shifts, Energy Shifts I

Your perception of the world is colored by your thinking and beliefs, yes? The repetitive patterns of habitual thinking can sometimes keep you stuck on the hamster wheel of limiting beliefs and diminish your capacity to live into the potential that is your birthright.

Take a moment to contemplate the patterns in your life that kept you stuck this year . . .

  • What projections have you made in your relationships?
  • What judgments have you made about your body?
  • What resistance do you have around money?
  • What assumptions have you made about your vision?
  • What other areas of your life are stuck in a box of conditioned thinking…

To facilitate the relinquishing of the old you can picture each of your limited perceptions in a bubble and imagine the bubble bursts, along with the energy of that belief. As the old perceptions loosen their hold on you, notice the spaciousness that arises making room for what's now and what's new. Tap into your broadband sensing and notice what arises from the expansiveness of your boundless being:

  • Clarity of vision to power up your purpose
  • Certainty of action to manifest your vision
  • Effortless expression of your dynamic essence

“What keeps us from accomplishing the impossible is not our mind, or our thoughts, but our vision and value.” Mattison Grey, Greystone Guides

As you shift your attention to your essence and align it with your vision, life will offer you countless opportunities to explore and engage the stuff of your dreams. Your dreams are harbingers of possibility and aliven the cosmic consciousness that powers your being. Honor the quality of your boundless brilliance and bring to life the potential that can only partner with you!

Listen to the audio…

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  1. Hello Everybody!
    Wonderful words of wisdom with great moments of reflection to follow. I want to say… Accept and love oneself no matter what you see about yourself is important because without love and acceptance there is no transformation either. The divine is in everything. What we see as material is also divine. Everything is perfect the way it is because everything is here to wake us up to divinity. Thank you Adela. Much love and Happy New Year.

    1. Yes, Vera, self acceptance is key. Everything is a potential for bringing the divine energies into your life. You can engage it playfully or problematically. Guess which is more fun?

      Much love to you and Happy New Year!

  2. Hello all!!

    I am enjoying this journey with all of you, and OMGoddess, today I had such a burst of inspiration after listening to the call!! I am creating a new project that incorporates a lot of my passions. the possibilities are …….. endless! wahoo!! I am so excited for 2010, and this Conscious Energy Shift program is already creating wonderful inspirations in my world. Thank you Adela, and everyone else. Hugs!!

    1. Yeeha, Shannon. Love the OMGoddess and wonderful to hear the hypcreational you in flow. Can’t wait to hear about the new project! Make sure and share it with the rest of us . . .

      Thank you, for being a part of this wonderful collaboration of energy and love of life!

  3. How true this is. Vision and determination plus a sense of urgency to be fully awake and in the field of conscious potential are key in moving forwards and away from old unwanted patterns of resistance. I am up for this big time!

    1. Yes, it’s the most powerful focus, Rosemary. Your values are the drivers of what’s most meaningful to you. A compelling vision will propel you magnetically through the most challenging circumstances. Combined, you can move mountains!

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