June 7


Protests, Racism & Violence: It’s Been a Wild Week

By Adela Rubio

June 7, 2020

This week has been intense. The daily protests reflecting the national outrage over systemic racism, police violence, and social injustice have sparked a flame in our national consciousness.

It's the breakdown of an old system and a clamoring for substantive change.

I grew up in the '60s. My earliest memories are the civil rights movement, the assassinations of both Kennedy's and King, and also Kent State. Riots and looting, police violence, and the demand for social justice were huge imprints.

This backdrop of massive change shaped me. I realized early that the only way to make my world better was for me to change. When you change the world changes. You experience the world differently. You realize much more is possible than you initially thought.

Change is not easy. It requires vision, willingness, and commitment. Anyone on the path of personal evolution knows this. It is, however, worthwhile.

It Takes a Village

It's tough enough to change yourself let alone to change entrenched systems over which you have little control. However, that is what these times are asking of us. To be the change in every way possible. It is not something that can be done by one person. It will take all of us.

I have discovered that change is more graceful when you align with others who are on for the same change. Many of the most successful systems use this strategy: Weight Watchers, Al-Anon, even CrossFit. I have hosted circles for 15 years now and can attest to the power of aligned intention and how it personally impacts each member of a circle.

The kind of change that is called for now is massive. We won't get there on our own. We need one another.

Start Where You Are

You can't change what you are not aware of. That is the first step. Awareness invites you to look at things from a place of detached curiosity, even wonder. It invokes wanting to know, not fearing the knowing.

If you want to become more informed as to how to address racism, violence, and the inequities in our system begin there. My friend Pamela Slim has a treasure trove of resources here. Remember to balance your education with moments of silence and reflection.

If you find yourself in the grip of fear know that there is another choice. Fear is a constellation of negative thoughts and emotions, many of which aren't even your own. They have been passed on.

Like the Shamanic practice of soul retrieval, you will only find peace and clarity when you discover your true self. It is the essence of who you really are, not what you have taken on as yours. There are many ways to do this. My personal preferences are meditation, loving-kindness practice, journaling, and circles.

There IS a New Story

Your life is a patchwork of stories. You may have bought into many of them throughout your life. Many you outgrew and left behind.

The world you and I inhabit is a collection of stories too. The old stories are dying. We see the evidence as the nation makes its heart known with daily protests.

A new world is arising. A new story is being shaped. What is your part in the new story?

If you'd like support on the adventure of creating your new story check out my upcoming event: Gather the Circle.

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