August 21


Profitable Joint Ventures: 3 Unbreakable Rules to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace

By Adela Rubio

August 21, 2016

Juicy Joint Ventures

Do you notice how much more engaging an idea is when it's presented to you in a way that draws you in through discovery rather than being force fed?

When you're sharing the message you're passionate about it's the same thing. No one wants to be sold on your brilliant programs, products and services. They want to be pulled in because it strikes a chord. They want to feel inspired and motivated to take action.

If you want to attract your perfect peeps in today's playground you need to be you, with your own unique perspective and solutions. There may be many other folks serving your same market. However, your people will resonate with who you are and how you deliver your solutions.

Let's explore the 3 unbreakable rules to stand out in a crowded marketplace that will serve you best when you're participating in joint ventures:

1. Give Potential Clients and Customers An Opportunity to Experience Your Expertise.

Here's how: Create a Juicy Bonus Gift.

This is something with a little more pizzazz than your giveaway on your website's sidebar. Remember that your giveaway should be in a format that is your natural style – whether it's a special report, a video series or audio recordings. Make sure that it also aligns with the format in which your potential clients and customers learn best.

Now that you've tweaked your giveaway to deliver the most impact, jazz it up into a juicy bonus gift by adding a popular teleseminar or interview, slideshow, webinar or assessment. You want to increase engagement and ensure that your gift is consumed! Give your potential clients and customers an opportunity to experience some of your solutions. They're sure to want some more.

2. Make a Promise and Keep It.

Here's how: Write a Riveting Registration Page.

This is sometimes called a squeeze page, an opt-in page, a registration page, lead page, or a landing page. It doesn't matter what you call it. Don't think of it as a marketing page, either. If you focus on marketing, instead of who you're trying to serve, you'll be disconnected from your passion and purpose. That's where all your brilliant ideas come from. That's where the words that will connect to your market will arise.

See your potential clients and customers. Imagine who they are and the nitty gritty details of their challenges. Imagine that you're sharing your insights and ideas with a really good friend. This shift alone will help you speak to them in a way that they are sure to hear you.

Once you've gone through the hard work of driving traffic to your page you want to make sure to focus your reader on the reason they're there:  your solution to their problem. Deliver on that promise.

3. Have Ready-Made Marketing Materials.

Here's how: Craft Your Marketing Material Kit.

Now that you've got this awesome bonus gift you want to create the copy that you'll share with others to help you build buzz and drive traffic. Be bold, provocative, or both!  You want to stand out, be noticed, grab attention. Go to the edge and deliver your boldest promise in your marketing materials.

When you're partnering with others on your programs, products and services, you want to do ALL the work so that your joint venture partners need only copy and paste (and tweak for their own market).

At a minimum you'll want to create 3 pieces of marketing materials:

  1. solo email
  2. newsletter promo
  3. social media posts

I have a system for creating all of my marketing materials from my Registration Page and I'll be sharing how I do that in a Bonus Training for my upcoming joint venture training. Ready for collaboration of the highest order? Check out the Juicy JV Jumpstart Intensive.

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