From: Adela M. Rubio

Dear Enlightened Entrepreneur,

Do you get on Twitter or Facebook and wonder how to make sense out of all of it? You've got an account, you post, you follow and friend others, but nothing happens . . .

You're not alone! With a new social media network popping up almost every day it can be confusing, not to mention overwhelming, to figure out which ones to join, how often to participate and even what you should say.

Make no mistake, there IS a strategy used by successful conscious entrepreneurs on how to leverage time on social media, while gaining the greatest visibility for your business.

Here are the top 3 mistakes that I see most often on Social Media:

  • Mistaking numbers of followers and friends for engagement. It doesn't matter HOW many people you're connected to, what matters is the relationship that you create with them. People buy from those whom they know, like and trust. Social media goes a long way to creating a strong foundation where people come to connect with you AND become familiar with your products and services.
  • Broadcasting your own links exclusively. This is a clear indicator of a social media savvy entrepreneur. 80% of your posts should be ‘all about them.' The remaining 20% should point to your own offers. Social media provides plenty of opportunities for others to rave about you. That is the BEST marketing.
  • Setting your  information to private on Facebook. If you're using social media for your business you want to be found. There's no sense in making your information on Facebook private. The more people that know about you, who you serve and how, the better! Don't limit access to your profile, where folks get to make a connection with you based on common interests and background.

Social media is ALL about relating, not selling. And the best sales are garnered through creating value and rapport for and with your potential clients. Social media sites are the modern day water cooler. Folks gather to connect, share information and even have fun!

In the Social Media Jumpstart Kit you'll get everything you need to pull together your social media presence and create a strategy that will increase your visibility, build your authority and share your message with more people:

  • How to Use the Traffic Trifecta to Engage Your Followers
  • Discover the 5 Keys to Sizzling Partnerships
  • 3 Essentials of Relationship Marketing
  • 5 Elements of Online Business
  • and so much more!


Get Your Social Media Jumpstart Kit Today…


Here's what's included…

  • Social Media for Conscious Entrepreneurs: A two session teleclass training  featuring tips, tools and tricks to build a tribe of supporters eager to partner with you to grow your business  and build your online tribe. (audio & transcript)
  • 3 Ways to Boost Your Tribe on Facebook.  Facebook is all the rave and for good reason. You can easily connect with clients, colleagues and collaborators just by sharing what you know and by creating value for others. Explore 38 examples, taken from my Facebook profile, to show you exactly how to explosively expand your Facebook presence and credibility. (ebook)
  • Social Media & Online Video: The One-Two Punch That Rocks Your Brand! There’s plenty of buzz about social media, but add the secret ingredient of VIDEO, and you can really blast your brand and boost your business! Join us as online branding expert Lou Bortone reveals how to combine social media and video to enhance your visibility, attract new clients and drive more sales. Find out how to give your business a powerful competitive advantage, even if you’ve never done a video before. (audio & transcript)
  • Worksheets, Checklists and Templates to get you started too!

Master the art of relating and you'll grow your business at quantum speed. Social media is a basic business building tool. Master it now, or miss out on one of the most powerful ways to boost your reach, visibility and income.

ONLY $197

See you on the other side!

P.S. Social media will fast track your authority, increase visibility and position your message powerfully, while serving your corner of the World. It is a strategy that works like gangbusters to turbo-charge your impact and generate abundance!

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