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Master Your Mindset and Engage Your Passionate Purpose, Powerfully

Mastering Your Inner Game. Your ability to bring your vision to life is totally dependent on marshaling your inner forces and aligning them with your creative essence. We'll explore how to shift your energy consciously by using resistance, judgment and assumptions as transformative agents. We'll engage the potential of your problems and bring your business essence to life. Adela Rubio, Conscious Business Mentor and Expert Tribe Builder.

The 9 Principles of Change. Take a look around your world and notice the one constant: CHANGE! Whether you like it or you hate it, it doesn't really matter. Change is life, life is change. It's engineered into your DNA, it shifts the way you view the world. Inevitably, it propels you into uncharted territory. Let's explore the 9 principles that will transform change from foe to friend. Ariane is an author, speaker and TV/radio personality.

The Power of Authenticity: Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken. Let's explore why it can be hard to be authentic. What are the familial, cultural, business, andpersonal influences, thoughts, and fears that make it difficult for you to do and say what is true for you, or lead you to believe that who you are is not good enough. Mike shares his simple, yet effective ways, to exercise the power of authenticity in your relationships, your work, and your life: express yourself fully and with confidence, confront and transform fear, deal with conflicts directly and resolve them effectively, take risks and go for what you truly want. Mike Robbins is a best selling author and motivational speaker.

You're Perfect, Don't Change. Just Adjust How You Present. You’re perfect, just as you are! You don’t need to change a thing about YOU, just about how you PRESENT what you offer to the world. When you make simple yet powerful adjustments in your mindset and how you’re playing your Inner and Outer Game, you’ll automatically attract more clients, the right staff and other things you need. In this powerful presentation with Maryam Webster, an acknowledged master of the “Art of Inner Game Transformation.” Get past your inner blockages to feeling authentic about what you offer, the role of Serving versus Selling as the way to authentic and profitable self promotion and how to turn what you are doing wrong in promos, into what’s oh-so-right about you – just the way you are. Maryam Webster is an energy psychologist, author, and founder of the ETHOS Method.

Discover How Self-Love is Key to Mastering Your Inner and Outer Game. Self-love has the power to improve all areas of your life. Discover why self-love is critical for your success and happiness. You will find his amazing journey to understand quantum physics, and the power of your thoughts and beliefs to be revolutionary and inspiring. When you ‘get' self love you not only begin to attract more love and support into you life, but it is essential for creating an authentic life and conscious business. Dean is a guided imagery expert, and will lead a session during the call that will show you how self-love is the key to tapping your creative genius and unleashing your built-in greatness. Dean Shrock, Ph.D is an author, lecturer and guided imagery expert.

Eradicate Limiting Beliefs with Breath of L.O.V.E. (Law of Vibrational Energy). If you pay close attention, you'll notice an ongoing stream of random thoughts that limit your ability to show up powerfully in your business and in your life. Experience and explore a radical new technology to shift deeply embedded patterns through the graceful process known as Breath of L.O.V.E. (Laws of Vibrational Energy).  Jodi Flesberg Lilly is a  L.O.V.E Practitioner.

The Power of Radical Forgiveness. Wounding is a part of the human experience, and yet resentment and holding on to hurts and anger keep you in a limited expression of your creative essence. Shift to your naturally high vibration at home and at work, and learn how to prevent conflict using the tools of Radical Forgiveness. You'll be guided through the simple, yet elegant, four-step process of Radical Forgiveness that has revolutionized a global community of forgiveness. Colin Tipping is the author and founder of Radical Forgiveness Institute.

Why High Profile People Sabotage Themselves by Cheating. In the wake of the Tiger Woods affair, it is interested to ponder why people like Woods, Bill Clinton, Mark Sanford, Eliott Spitzer and many other celebrities, politicians, executives and other highly successful individuals  use infidelity as a way to sabotage themselves just when they are at the top of their game. Colin Tipping is an author and the founder of Radical Forgiveness Institute.

Your Personal Growth is the Heartbeat of your Business. Are you headed for heartache or happiness? Conscious business owners don’t just want success – they also want fulfillment. But like most small business owners, they frequently find themselves feeling “behind”, never quite catching up, and believing if they could only just “get ahead of the game”, they’d have it made. Unfortunately most business owners make a significant mistake when it comes to dealing with the challenges in business. In this delightfully lighthearted, yet powerful, session you’ll learn about these common (and costly) mistakes conscious business owners make, and how specific personal development tools and systems can transform the heartache and struggle into success and fulfillment. Nina East is a personal development expert and the founder of

How to Quickly Release Obstacles to Your Business and Find Your True Gifts. Your business reflects the energy of your life. If you are stuck in your business there is an opportunity to use that as a point of access to explore what is ready to be released and open your business to the flow of creativity and manifestation—AND to move within to really feel and sense your gifts and how those gifts can serve your customers. Jennifer McLean, healer, entrepreneur, author and speaker.



Six Simple Questions to Transform Overwhelm, Frustration or Turmoil in Minutes. Stress, overwhelm and frustration don't need to be a part of your everyday life, and it's costing you productivity, creativity and profitability.  By mastering six simple questions you can create fresh momentum in a moment or transform inner turmoil in minutes.  If you consider yourself a “conscious achiever,” don't miss this call. Mary Allen America’s Inner Peace Coach, author and host of Conversations with the Masters.

Transforming Collateral Damage of the Wounded Healer with Maryam Webster. Some transformational practitioners have had severely damaging physical injuries, like Maryam Webster's broken back and years of paralysis. Many more have emotional injuries that deeply affect your life in ways that restrict your income to low pay, maximum output for minimum input jobs or careers.  Maryam will show you how to use a unique set of tools, including her ETHOS Method, to transform  the “collateral damage” of your life, and leave forever the “bogged down” place so that you can start enjoying more money, leisure, ease and joy in your life. Maryam Webster is an energy psychologist, author, and founder of the ETHOS Method.


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