on investing in yourself and your business.

Social Media is an essential strategy to connect with partners and potential clients, create visibility and build authority and share your message with MORE people. Congrats on taking that on!

There are several tools in this Jumpstart Kit. Dive in and check in with me if you have any questions.

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Master the art of sharing your message with more people with a listbuilding strategy that still delivers: the solo Expert Interview! You might wonder, “With so many free interviews, podcasts and radio shows does this STILL work?” Yes! But only if you know how to set it up in this 5-step sequence. This is a powerful listbuilding strategy that helps you build your list quickly and generate income right away and is great for the intermediate (or VERY savvy beginner).

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Social Media for Conscious Entrepreneurs #1: Explore which social media network is a great fit for you and which strategies fit you and your business.

  • Why Social Media, Your Social Media Intention
  • Your Social Media Style
  • Creating Relationships on Social Media
  • Social Media Strategies on Facebook and Twitter

Call 1      Transcript 1

Social Media for Conscious Entrepreneurs #2: More on social media strategies plus resources for connecting with your Tribe on Social Media and how and when to automate that connection:
  • Social Media Strategies on Linked In
  • How to Use Blogs to Build Your Tribe Using Social Media
  • Elite Online Water Holes
  • Cool Twitter Tools.
Call 2        Transcript 2

6 Strategies to Boost Your Facebook Tribe for Partnerships and Profits

Facebook is all the rave and for good reason. You can easily connect with clients, colleagues and collaborators just by sharing what you know and by creating value for others. Explore 38 ways to explosively expand your Facebook presence and build your Tribe.

Build Your Facebook Tribe: 3 Ways to Build Relationships, Increase Authority and Share Your Message.

Social Media is not complicated. In this webinar training, you'll learn how to stand out and be noticed on Facebook, while sharing tremendous value with your friends and followers.

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Social Media & Online Video: The One-Two Punch That Rocks Your Brand!

There’s plenty of buzz about social media, but add the secret ingredient of VIDEO, and you can really blast your brand and boost your business! Join us as online branding expert Lou Bortone reveals how to combine social media and video to enhance your visibility, attract new clients and drive more sales. Find out how to give your business a powerful competitive advantage, even if you’ve never done a video before.

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