Do you find that the things ‘out there' still define and create your sense of self?

Do you gracefully navigate emotions and powerfully engage the energy contained within them?

Can you easily shift from the paradigm of problem to the paradigm of potential?

Is your world imbued with the dynamic sensation of expanded sensing and vibrant being?

Your level of being creates a different world. When you are powered from the inside out a completely different experience ripples into everything you do.

Emotional needs are a powerful playground to catapult you into a new level of power and a shift of being. What if these needs point to taking responsibility for your energy and your world? What if they point to the potential for wholeness and magnificence that is your very nature?

Contrary to popular novels and movies, there is nothing outside of you that will complete you. You are a creation sourced from the abundance of life.

Join us for a five-session teleclass that will propel you into being the core around which your world evolves. We'll cover:

  1. Energetic Expansion: A Primer on Tapping Your Essential Nature
  2. The Power of What's True: Navigating the Shifting World of Emotions
  3. Evolutionary Paradigm: From Problem to Potential,Your Portal to Personal Evolution
  4. Superconnection: The Key to Graceful Transformation
  5. Powerful Presence: Relating from Your Essence, Not Your Personality

Access the power of your emotions and transform your energy and your world! I guarantee you'll experience shifts of being and launch your own personal evolution into high gear.

Class begins Oct.15 and meets every Wed, 2pm ET.
All calls will be recorded.

5-Session Series – $69..

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