Group Programs that Create Deep Connection and Authentic Community. The fast track strategy to building a following is hosting an aligned community. Explore these 10 tips to create connection and authentic community, regardless of whether your group is a forum, membership site, writing group, or social network site. Adela Rubio, Conscious Business Mentor and Expert Tribe Builder.

Get Your Website Built Without Being a Slave to a Webmaster. In the old days, you hired a webmaster, they held all your files and materials on THEIR computer, worked in Dreamweaver (or some other similar program) and then uploaded the pages to the web hosting company. All YOUR stuff was STUCK on their computer.  Christina will share her expertise on creating websites using WordPress so you can “Fire your webmaster!” and be in control of your own website. Christina Hills is an ecommerce and WordPress expert.

Website Creation Workshop Handout

The Energy of Money:  The 3 Most Important Steps You Must Take to Master the Art of Making Money While Doing What You Love. Do you feel like there is a river of money flowing out of your bank account and only a trickle finding its way in? You are definitely not alone. Many healers and service-oriented business owners struggle with a love/hate relationship with money. Money, like everything else in creation, is energy. Your thoughts about it and your relationship to it affect how money comes and goes from your life. If you don't have a good relationship with money, then you will struggle to build a profitable business. Make friends with money and harness its power to fuel your purpose and passion. Melanie Yost is a business mindset coach.

Build Your Authority with a Sizzling Online Presence. Do you want a lucrative online conscious business that sustains you year after year? And do you want it to grow over time and attract more and more customers to you without having to work harder and harder? Then you need to build your online authority with a sizzling presence that leverages great content, interactivity, social media and/or blogging with grace, playfulness, and a strategic plan. Julia Stewart, Founder School of Coaching Mastery.

Influence your Market with Teleseminars and Become an Expert in your Niche. Teleseminars are the most powerful tool to position yourself as an expert and becoming a thought leader in your market. However, there is a skill set that is required in order to connect 100's and even 1,000's of people on a call. We'll explore how the advanced facilitation skills and interviewing techniques that will widen your circle of influence and establish your expertise. Create an environment where deep engagement and transformation is not only possible, but the norm.  Ellen Britt is the co-founder of Marketing Qi and an Online Marketing Mentor.

Business Design for Life Artists. Discover how to make your business another aspect of art and make art another aspect of your business in this interactive interview experience. Prepare to create in the moment with immediate applications to designing your business using methods that appeal to your unique artists self and allow your creativity to roam-free rather than buy into a paint-by-number mentality. Julie Jordan Scott is a writer, coach, actor and director.

Eradicate Limiting Beliefs with Breath of L.O.V.E. (Law of Vibrational Energy). If you pay close attention, you'll notice an ongoing stream of random thoughts that limit your ability to show up powerfully in your business and in your life. Experience and explore a radical new technology to shift deeply embedded patterns through the graceful process known as Breath of L.O.V.E. (Laws of Vibrational Energy).  Jodi Flesberg Lilly is a  L.O.V.E Practitioner.

Everything Starts With A Conversation, Including Your Next Sale! In order to really engage people in conversation about what you do, forget features and benefits. Instead, learn what really engages people in conversation about what you do. If that sounds simplistic, then why don’t more people do it? Michel shows you how to use Impact Statements, Persuasion Drivers and Provocative Questions to engage people in a way that’s clear, conversational, and most of all, compelling. What's more, you’ll learn the fundamental principles that inspired the entire Essential Message approach. If you truly want to discover your Essential Message, start here! Michel Neray is an award-winning copywriter, author, speaker and the founder and Chief Differentiation Officer of The Essential Message®.

Your Personal Growth is the Heartbeat of your Business. Are you headed for heartache or happiness? Conscious business owners don’t just want success – they also want fulfillment. But like most small business owners, they frequently find themselves feeling “behind”, never quite catching up, and believing if they could only just “get ahead of the game”, they’d have it made. Unfortunately most business owners make a significant mistake when it comes to dealing with the challenges in business. In this delightfully lighthearted, yet powerful, session you’ll learn about these common (and costly) mistakes conscious business owners make, and how specific personal development tools and systems can transform the heartache and struggle into success and fulfillment. Nina East is a personal development expert and the founder of

5 Psychological Triggers to Turn Prospects into Clients. Discover 5 of the best copywriting secrets that will get your customers to take action! Learn what words to use to transform potential customers into actual customers, what tweaks you need to do to your web site and/or sales letters to  open the gates to a flood of new customers (and, best yet these  customers will be chasing YOU) and the secret behind getting people to BUY.  Michele PW is an expert copywriter and sought after marketing consultant. She's worked with most of the big name internet marketers and highly successful 7-figure coaches.

Creating the Personality Profile of Your Ideal Client. There is an art to connecting with a prospect and that art starts with understanding, at a deep level, who they are.  When you really dig deep into their needs and desires, when you understand where they are coming from and what they are looking for, then selling to them becomes second nature. Kelle Sparta is a thought alchemist, business coach and midwife for other people's passions.

Escape the Clutter! 4 Steps to Calm the Overwhelm, Create Space & Reclaim Your Freedom. Beyond the marketing and mindset necessary to have a thriving business there is a level of organization that you need to have in place to allow you the freedom to make money & do it with less work and more clarity.  During this session you will learn simple strategies to help you make decisions and let go of the clutter that is in your way. Carrie Greene is a professional organizer and coach.

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