August 29


Practice, Practice, Practice

By Adela Rubio

August 29, 2011

Wild Abundance

You must understand that if you continue doing and
acting  as you always have, nothing will change other
than the passing of time.
Dr. Frank R. Wallace

I'd love to have a fairy godmother grant my heart's desire. Until then, taking some kind of action, as soon as inspiration has struck, works! Your insights contain rocket fuel. If you don't ride the moment, it dissipates.

You'll be able to spot those insights right away. You'll feel a surge of physical energy and creative outflow and you'll want to ‘do' something. Often the best action to take is the one that occurs to you right then.

Here are a few things to explore as you move things along:

1. Create an abundance journal. Journaling is a powerful tool to create awareness. It can be a vehicle for expression, as well as expulsion. Writing is one of the ways to clarify your insights and feelings, and also a way to shift energy. A journal also shares the story of your sacred pathway.

2. Create one new abundance habit. It might be a ritual of listing 3 things you're grateful for when you wake up. It could be a spa day once a month. Trying on for size the kinds of things you'd do ‘once you have the money' is one of the quickest ways to magnetize money.

3. Plan for prosperity. Spend less money than you make. If you're in business, plan out your programs and services. Have a reserve to cover your business cash flow lulls. There's nothing like having money in the bank, to bring more flow your way.

Today's practice is tomorrow's foundation. As you attain your goals, and bring your visions into being, you'll notice that your life is an ever spiraling movement of potential, inspiration and activation. In the meantime, practice, practice, practice!

Image: Barn Swallow Chicks, Alan Vernon

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