December 12


How to Practice Gratitude With a Year End Gratitude Letter

Want to add some instant happy to your world? Write a year-end letter of gratitude!

There are many benefits of a gratitude practice, one of the primary ones is that it easily generates a state of happiness.

Take a moment to think back over this past year and remember the moments when someone did something for you which REALLY made a difference. Feel the flow of gratitude. Notice the instant happy making that occurs.

Wouldn't you like to bring some of that happiness into their world?

The truth is that most of us hear more often what's wrong with us, than what's right with us. A gratitude letter, or a year-end gratitude post, can help to highlight the wonderfulness that abounds and you get to share in that bounty with the folks who make it possible.

Think of your clients and colleagues, friends, and family, those folks who have been especially kind to you but you may not have expressed your gratitude yet.

Plan a brief gratitude session to write a letter thanking these individuals. You could buy some artful postcards and write personal notes. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to whip each one up. Or, if you'd like to focus on your business colleagues and clients you could write a blog post thanking them and sharing links back to their websites.

Use these 3 tips to help guide the process:

1. Be specific and succinct.  Share exactly how these folks impacted you. Describe in specific terms why you are grateful to this person and how they have impacted your life in a positive way.

2. Don't focus on perfection, but completion. Don't make it a BIG thing. Let it flow. It's more about the energy of gratitude and appreciation than perfect grammar and spelling, or doing it ‘just so.'

3. Describe how you have changed, as a consequence. Share how you are now different, because of their impact on your life.

The clock is ticking and the end of the year approaches. It's a powerful practice to express your gratitude directly to those who impact your life in positive ways. Make it a practice, and bless those you know with the gift of appreciation. You'll be happier for it!

Gratitude Guided Journey (Duration: 7:06)


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