December 28


Poised on Peace

By Adela Rubio

December 28, 2010

Energy Shifts, Energy Shifts I

No matter what is occurring in your outer world, you always have the choice to drop into the center of your inner being.

I will be calmly active,
actively calm.
I am a prince of peace,
sitting on the throne of poise,
directing the kingdom
of my activity.

Paramahansa Yogananda

What if, instead of taking up permanent residence in the mundane mind, limited by temporal experiences, you expanded into the Living Mind? Imagine the Living Mind as a cosmic library of dynamic wisdom, alive with what's true. Experience yourself as this portal to peace, and surrender the doubt, confusion and separation from your trueness.

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Imagine a spiral of light weaving out from around your inner core, extrapolating your lightness of being, and like a centrifuge, moving the sweet silence of your inner essence throughout your body. Don't let it stop at the surface of your skin, imagine that it ripples out into infinity, touching everything, everyone, everywhere.


Adela Rubio - Poised on Peace

Ready to shift to the lightness that lives within? Listen to the audio…

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  1. First the tingle of relief with the invitation and then the moving right out of me! I felt the electrical circuit. Maybe because right this moment I am wired for sound (visual EEG) and waiting for the assessment of brain waves. Thinking that right this moment they are different than the moments before. It’s been scary and now it is less–actually now it just is–and that is not a diagnosis, a sentence or anything more than I choose it to be.

    the ripple of peace
    with its sweet relief
    partners with me
    and I accept the freedom
    the gift
    I am free

    Will this stay online till I am out of hospital and can again listen? I needed it. i absorbed it. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Angela

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