January 13


Perfect Timing Anyone?

By Adela Rubio

January 13, 2010

Energy Shifts, Energy Shifts I

file3021341154406Is timing a divine element or do you have something to do with the occurrence of alignment? That's like the question, “Which came first the chicken or the egg?” Could ‘perfect timing' be the result of consistent inspired action?

What if by your very engagement of life, by stepping into your ‘yes,' you are creating the pathway to the elements of ‘perfect timing.'

Your attention is a manifestation tool. Your focus, like a sculptors tools, shapes your intention and brings it into being. Like Michelangelo, carving away the excess stone to bring his David to life, you too are shaping energy and intention to create your master work.

Every time you channel the energy of your intentions into inspired action, you open to the magical field of cosmic co-creation!

Let's consider your partnership in creating perfect timing:

1. Don't wait for the planets to align, claim your co-creative nature. Breathe, Relax, Expand. Connect to your essence, connect to your tribe, connect to ‘all that is.' Superconnect!

2. Magnetize your intentions regularly.Your intentions won't come into being with an occasional visit. Pull out your frequent flyer card and travel often. At times you may find the call to magnetize throughout the day.

3. Step into inspired action consistently. Act on your inklings, even if they seem somewhat vague. As you take action, things become clearer and your intention takes form.

There is no blueprint, map or handbook for bringing your intention to life. Life answers the call for co-creation as you dynamically say yes and follow through with inspired action. When you are in constant connection with the energy of your intention and you own your co-creative nature,  you are a living alchemist and creation partners with you over and over and over. Life is then full of endless moments of ‘perfect timing.'

Listen to the audio…

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, especially Shaheen and Adela. I could really resonate with the energy. It felt like there is something bubbling up from deep inside, ready to be born, ready to express it’s self and to connect.
    Thank Shaheen allowing yourself to be open and thank you Adela for taking the time.

    Love and blessings to all of us, Sigrid.

  2. Thanks tribe for helping me take inspired action towards my vision. I have literally taken an action everyday since the first energy shift. I have never felt more in flow.

  3. I listened. I remembered old word I wrote to me. I think it took everything I’ve ever done to get to me. To find the me I’m meant to be and be that me. You may not know me but I am opening the window :

    I wrote this in Dec ’09 after a friend sent me back something I’d shared with her in Oct and didn’t remember any of it.

    My mind isn’t so reliable
    My thoughts aren’t so clear
    My reactions and behaviors
    Demonstrate I’m not all here

    What do I do?
    I remember what I can
    I do when I can
    I wait when I don’t know
    And I believe all will be well

    This is what I can do

    I can get up
    Get dressed
    And say okay life
    I’m present today
    Let’s get on the way

    I choose and
    I choose again
    To breathe in the calm
    Breathe out the stale
    Let go of fear
    Embrace love that’s near

    This is what I choose today
    This is who I am
    And who I will stay

    — this is what she sent me:

    When I dont know what to do,
    And I feel the world is crashing in two,
    I remember the good
    Claim my right
    Do the best I can
    And sleep well at night.

    I see the light
    I know what’s right.
    I choose with delight
    in the knowledge that
    God holds the light
    And I find my way.

    I don’t know if this is prayer
    …..or a dare,
    But I choose and choose again
    To believe
    That right is clearer now
    And I can see
    What needs done
    And get the job done.

    I don’t forget, ignore, or regret.
    I just move forward
    And step again.
    With one foot in front of the other
    And then step another.

  4. Shaheen (spelling?) added color to our experience today on the call like an illustration adds to a children’s book. Thank you. I have held back by my big efforts, waiting to collaborate with others. I saw myself in her. Adela stopped and honored her (honoring me). Adela, like the gentile mommy helped her, (and me) to adjust, and redirect the focus of her (and mine) amazing ideas and energy.

    We are attracted to people and ideas by their essence. This is what Shaheen feels for Adela and Adela feels for her. But greatness together won’t happen unless the strength and truth of who they are and what they are doing irresistibly must.

    As a result of the powerful ideas that have come to play today and because there is a big mirror in my face, I am happily off to put my hands in the dirt, up to the elbows, where they belong!

    Be well my friends!

  5. Absolutely! Thankyou for this so much. There is SO much truth here and the energy of what came through today just magnified everything magically. What a wonderful wheel of spokes we are together………….all enspoked, embraced as perfect spokespeople for this timeless time of truth and honesty. I echo what Adela said about being honoured. I feel honoured to be present to all of this and everyone……..what a blessing but then we are all open and Adela you are the sparkly queen leading us. Where will we go next? What an exciting trip or is it a roll….it feels like it…………down the slippery snowy slopes to somewhere……..but who cares where? It feels so safe and SO right…and we are all more because of this and so is everyone and the whole Universe too. Fabulous. Thankyou for sharing all you wonderful souls! Bless you a thousand times Adela.

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