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Partner Like a Pro: Tactics, Technology and Tools


Whether you're doing a guest webinar, or hosting/participating in an event, there's nothing that a joint venture partner loves more than someone who has their message, marketing and technology together.

In the 200+ partnerships that I've hosted I've noticed there are two elements to partnering like a pro: the inner element and the outer element. The inner element was covered in, Partner Like a Pro: Find Your Business Essence and The Inner Game of Profitable Joint Ventures, where we dive into some of the limiting beliefs about partnership.

Today we won't get into the strategies for finding and connecting with potential partners, we'll focus on the nuts and bolts of how to promote and engage with your colleagues and community. In the hangout below, I share the tactics, technology and tools that I use to share my message and stand out as a partner. Here's a quick recap of what we covered.

If you're partnering you already have access to your marketing copy. I manage that in Evernote. I use Hootsuite for scheduling my social media posts. The rest of the time I focus on engagement on my primary social media site.

Let's say you're partnering on an event – it could be your own teleseminar or webinar,  a guest interview, or a virtual event. Depending on the type of event, there is usually a launch window when you've agreed to share the event with your community (via email and social media).

How to Share Your Message Using Content Marketing

1. Load all your copy in Evernote. Create a notebook and notes for the different types of copy (solo emails, newsletter notice, facebook posts and twitter posts).

2. Target, or create, related blog posts and add a relevant call to action at the end that points to the event  you're sharing.

3. Create social media graphics. I use Canva and PicMonkey.

4. Schedule posts in Hootsuite.

5. Engage in conversations and connection on your primary social media site.

How to Engage Your Colleagues and Community on Social Media

Using these authentic strategies does take more time. It means you visit your partner's blog and comment on their articles. You post valuable feedback and insights on their social media streams, and even have one on one conversations. It is worth every minute!

  • Invoke your Business Essence – your why, who, what – and let everything flow from that.
  • When creating your social media posts, use a bold or provocative question or statement to stir response.
  • Use images with every post, you'll get much more engagement and shares.
  • Friend, follow or circle your partners and tag them in conversations, especially when you know they'll have something to add to the thread.
  • Tag your partners during the event and share a personal endorsement of their work, or how they've impacted you.

When you partner at this level you'll reap infinite rewards. Many of my partners have become real life friends. In the entrepreneurial world this is the most precious gift!

My friends, and colleagues, are a source of support and expertise, testing and tweaking, and keeping up with what's new and amazing. Alliances of this caliber are a powerful boon to your business and something you'll treasure in your personal life.

Here's the hangout for the full experience…

Here are the mostly free tools  I mentioned on the Hangout….

Evernote.  It truly does help you ‘remember everything.' There's a web & desktop client. the desktop is best. There are some limitations on the free version. It IS worth the $45/year.

Clearly. A web browser extension for Evernote that serves as a web clipper. Available for Chrome and Firefox. Use this to clip your blog posts and link to your social media posts on Evernote. This way you're ready share your message, or event, easily and quickly.

Hootsuite.  Social media management for all your networks.

Canva and PicMonkey. My favorite tools for creating social media graphics.

Partnership is a transformative practice. It will change you and your business. Remember to Be IN it. Have fun!

And if you're a coach, change agent or someone in the business of transformation, and want to chat about participating in my fall event, visit the BIG Shifts Partner page.


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