September 25


Partner for Evolution

By Adela Rubio

September 25, 2008


For those who have traversed the hinterlands of energy work – whether it's Reiki, Healing Touch, or another flavor of energetic healing – you know that you are ‘not alone' when it comes to being a conduit for healing. Even if you haven't formally engaged in ‘energy work' you are certain to have experienced moments when you felt supported by something that you could not tangibly explain. Whether it was a being, an energy, or a presence, you knew that it was real.

Some folks access these collective energies via energy work, some via prayer. The means by which you reach this state of consciousness doesn't matter, what's relevant is the experience. You KNOW it's real, don't you?

What if this kind of collective work is happening ALL the time and you're just not consciously aware of it? What if it's not only available for healing or crisis management but it's your very nature. What if collective energy is a function of your design?

Here are some experiences that may point to your participation in a collective energy movement:

  1. You experience sudden and profound energy swings.
  2. You have body aches and pains that have no physical cause.
  3. You notice specific recurring themes – relationship breakups, relocations, illnesses, etc – with an alarming frequency in your life and those of people you know.
  4. You're not emotionally engaged by apparent ‘bad news.' You know something else is going on.
  5. You experience emotions that do not proceed from any apparent cause.

Sometimes shifts in energy may have a much bigger story for you to explore. Consider that it might not be about you, individually, that it may be that you are engaged in a collective energy movement. Check in and see if this is actually true for you. If so, here are three tips to gracefully navigate this charged and intense energetic experience:

  1. Breathe, relax and expand into your biggest most expansive state of being and say YES!!
  2. Consciously connect with all others who are in this stream with you and experience the presence of this dynamic field of superconnection. KNOW that you are not alone.
  3. Notice what is here for you to BE and BE it now, not tomorrow, not later, not when, or if.

Perhaps what you experience personally is but a call to engage the evolution of the issue at hand. It is YOU that can go beyond the edge of what is and create what will be. Perhaps the call is for you to lead the edge of evolution, right now.

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