3 Tips on How to Collaborate on a Creative Project

wild creatrix cafe - art of creative collaboration - tim ebbl - Kyla dagenais

Left to your own devices you might get that book published (or not). Tim Eble and Kyla Dagenais shared how collaboration created an extraordinary opportunity for the synergy of their expertise. It also led to a book. Collaboration can help you get your creations out into the world. Here are some highlights from the call […]

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How to Flow with the Creative Forces

When the seasons shift it’s a great time to ride the energy of the creative forces. Natural rhythms pull us forward into cycles where things happen with much more ease. In spring it’s a time to focus on what wants to come to Life. Where are you budding forth? What’s in bloom? These were my […]

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Motherhood is Living Love (Becoming Unconditional Love)

Motherhood is Living Love

Motherhood is a high-frequency adventure, a call to be living love. Although it may not initially appear that way, it is the experience of choosing love again and again.  Whether it’s your children, pets or creations, it is an opportunity to evolve your understanding of love. It’s not always easy. On holidays we honor the […]

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Unleash Your Wild Creatrix

I started off 2019 the way I usually do: in a Vision Circle. I gathered with my creative conscious community and hosted a call to clarify and activate our dreams and visions for the coming year. There’s no greater rocket fuel for your dreams and visions than aligned community and intention. Collective visioning is powerful […]

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3 Rituals to Claim You Are the Light of the World!

Winter Solstice is a time-honored tradition honoring the perennial truth that YOU are the light of the world. For millennia, mankind has marked this cycle of the year – when darkness reigns and we hold out for the hope of light – with traditions illustrating that Winter with its barren and naked pose holds the […]

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Break the Rules to Claim Your Life

break the rules

Have you been hesitant to break the rules? It’s a normal response. We all crave belonging. We also desire self-expression. It can be an intricate dance to satisfy both of these inner longings. Self-reflection and a good dose of courage are essential for this adventure. It can be difficult to challenge the status quo but […]

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Father’s Day: Honor Your Father’s Gifts

Father's Day

The last time I saw my Dad alive was last Father’s Day. The anniversary of his passing quickly approaches. It’s a bittersweet time. I’ve been in a swirl for a bit, images flash forwarding in my mind’s eye and massive emotions thundering through every cell of my being. Love is an astounding energy. I feel […]

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