My Hand Holds

My hand holds secrets Unfolding in perfect time. My hand holds comfort, Soft and sweet is my touch. My hand feeds my longing To caress, to share, to express. My hand sings the subtlety of My words as they tumble on lyrical pages My hand holds my heart It nurtures, sustains, and responds to the […]

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Higher Ground

These words are a tribute inspired by a course I did on Higher Ground Leadership with Lance Secretan – Walking gently, speaking softly Dreams echo in my heart Ancient Rhythms coursing loudly I wonder where to start Indecision and frustration Seem to rule the day Higher Ground and soul direction Call to me, “This […]

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Love Flows

Love flows Needs no reason to be, just is Open hands, open heart Receiving, relishing, swimming in the fragrant ocean of BEING Connections grow, come and go Naturally Effortlessly No need to grasp, clutch, hold There’s always more An unending glorious supply

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