Own Your Perspective

One of the most powerful shifts that you can make is to take responsibility for your own point of view. It doesn't mean that what you experience is always what is true. It does mean that you can loosen the stranglehold on your awareness and explore your assumptions.

When you shift responsibility to someone else for what it is that you're experiencing, you've given your power to perceive away. The blame game never empowers you, or anyone else. Perception is everything! It's what limits or expands your point of view. Your actionable options and your ability to choose are completely dependent on what you believe is occurring.

Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering. Don Miguel Ruiz

Most people go about their lives blind to what's true. As in The Matrix, they move about the world with skewed perspectives, molded by decades of familial, educational and cultural conditioning. Not everything you're taught is ‘wrong.' What's wrong is not having a direct connection to and experience of life. What's wrong is not coming to your own conclusions, your own knowing.

You can continue to shift your power outside of you, or you can take the ‘red pill,' own your perspective and create a world that makes you come alive. My vote is to create the new.

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  1. ” Your opinion of me is none of my business” is a mantra I use when I “wake up” to being in a state of trying to please, absorbing guilt , or otherwise experiencing the “spell” of the opinion of other. How many of us grew up in a home where things were done because “society said” and not because it was the right thing to do? I remember the first time I wore pants to church. The music stopped and everyone stared. I was “told” that my outfit offended G-d.. I assured everyone that G-d was glad that I was in church and could care less that I was wearing pants.

    I have found in my glass art that I make and offer for sale that which pleases me. It does not leave the studio until I am satisfied. If my creation elicits a “yes, done” response from my muse, I know that it will elicit the same from others.

    1. It’s such a different game when you are honest and honor what moves you, what creates life in your being. Thanks, NancyBe, for modeling that.

  2. There’s a phrase, “You’re a pill!” which connotes an independent thinking, non-conformance, rule questioning orneryness. I want to BE a pill…I will choose a new color each day:)

  3. I like that Cindy, a combination of both pills. lol

    Yes Adela, I agree about perception. There have been times early on in life when I would play the blame game or allow someone else’s perception to cloud my vision. Glad I have finally tackled that one.

    What I have learned over the years is that it is how I perceive something that bakes the cake. It is how I feel inside, the knowing me that feels extra special. One can lose all sense of self trying to please the crowd.

    Even though I may wonder what is on someone’s mind about a certain topic or even me for that matter, I still do me that I may be a blessing to this world and live my destiny, whatever it is, with as much grace and ease as possible.

    As you say, “playing powerfully.” Thank you for that and this and more!

  4. I actually had a lucid dream this morning about the Matrix in which I chose to take the purple pill. How awesome is that?

    Love, love, love, hugs and kisses

  5. My vote is to allow my perspective to vary within the limits of my integrity and being. This is so evasive of language, that only the intuitive heart can guide.

    Even “truth” is a variable that depends upon “perception”, which in turn depends upon the innate core values that I can either choose or accept from without.

    Accept yourself as the (ultimate ?- no only!) arbiter of value, and do whatever it takes to learn to follow your heart.

    1. I agree, Jack. That’s why I recommend you notice the energy upon which your words ride. I don’t believe in truth anymore, it’s so relative. I explore what’s true…

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