August 24


Noticing: An Evolutionary Tool

By Adela Rubio

August 24, 2008


When old habits suddenly arise, don't use your mind to repress them. At just such a time, just watch it, and it will come and it will go. . . Like a snowflake on a red-hot stove. Osho

Noticing is an evolutionary tool.

When you're looking to shift something the magic is in the non-resistance to what is. ‘What is' is the now, however things are showing up. It's not about focusing on, “This isn't what I want!” . . . full of resistance and emotion. It's about being like water, the flow, the come and the go, and just noticing the arising.

It WILL fall away, if you can BE WITH what is. ‘Reality' is this dynamic shifting always.

Being with WHAT IS focuses the laser beam of your energy in the present moment. Everything that is not TRUE can't help but dissipate under the high frequency of now.

Today . . . just notice.

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