January 1


New Year Blessings & Gratitude

By Adela Rubio

January 1, 2011

divine Light
divine Love
divine Oneness
tear me apart
break me open
into a zillion billion pieces
that I might embrace
trace with my love
every particle of creation

may i dance with the all
small and magnificent
innocent and divine
dark and ugly
young and old
hard to hold
galaxies and planets
places unknown to me
stardust and empty space
embrace everything
with the trace
of my infinite love

ethereal garments of grace
and gratitude
embracing creation
divine joy infusing
my fragrance-ing appreciation
each particle dancing for me
always god’s face
tracing around mine
in everything I see

this coming year
may we call into being
our longing for authenticity
celebrating diversity
awakening the brilliance
in all Beings
beyond our imaginings
mega magical magnificence
endless infinite wonder
and awe

holding hands
one for all
all for one
in every eye
in everything I see
a sea of me
sourcing infinite potential
for all
the me and we
one at last
within the divine grasp
of me and thee
always touching
infinity blessing infinity
blessing infinity

© Morgine Jurdan 1/1/2011

May each of you, my Friends, know
how deeply you are loved and appreciated by me
embracing with infinite gratitude
all that you have done for me
endless blessing for all you will become
Divine Presence
please inspire their brilliance
and magnificence every day
in all ways
allow them to understand
the past is gone forever
washed clean and pure with
infinite, unconditional love

Dear Friends
Today is the  real treasure
the pleasure
of the new and fresh
in which to live
and give
your full presence
the unique gift
of YOU..

with endless and infinite gratitude,
Magical Morgine
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