August 7


My Personal Truth

By Adela Rubio

August 7, 2005

I shine the light on my personal truth today
I know that I can trust my vulnerability
My tender core leads me to a land of daily miracles
Where fear is transformed to joy and approval is transformed into self love
It beckons the flexible, morph-able me . . .
I allow what wants to happen and step out on the precipice of hope.

I am safe, as I am enfolded in the arms of a loving universe
I cannot fail, all is possible. My willingness calls to me
Her downy softness allows me to feel fully
To passionately dare to leap into the world of my dreams
My desire unites with my passion and gives birth to what is uniquely me
Kindness and compassion embrace my being in authentic and meaningful connections

My personal truth is that life requires my presence and attention
She guides my every step and lovingly takes my hand
We walk together up the winding, spiraling, multifaceted road of life
I cannot bestow the gift I have been granted without truly opening to what is – ALL of it
Therein lies my power. Therein lies my joy. Therein lies my truth.

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