January 1


My Blessing

By Adela Rubio

January 1, 2011

Hum, buzz, rouse, thrive
Splash your Vibrance on the world.

Be Alive
Be a Change
Be a Pulse.
Turn yourself on
Rock yourself out.

Give 'em somethin to talk about.
Be Vivacious
Be Bold, Be Racy.

Spread your Message with Explosive Force.
Value, Own & Realize yourself as a Catalyst,
an Inspiration, a Leader.
Create other Leaders.

Get over yourself
get into yourself.
Go Deep, get High,
Stay Wide ~ have a Sweet Ride.


Fitness & Lifestyle Expert

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  1. Love it Paula! I see myself splattering bold colored paint–lots of it– far and wide with your line “Splash your Vibrance on the world.” And “Give ‘em somethin to talk about.” has been one of my favorite lines for a while! I’ll commit to that in 2011! Thanks for sharing your words as only you can!

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