August 17


Money, Money, Money!

By Adela Rubio

August 17, 2011

Wild Abundance

One of the paradoxes of abundant cash flow is that the more you ‘need' money, the less it graces your world. The more you focus on money as your outcome, the less that money manifests in your world. That's because something is seriously flawed with this model of abundance.

Let's say you want to have a six-figure income. You do the work to create awareness around your limiting beliefs, you invest your energy in clearing the patterns, set your intentions, practice visualizations, take action, take action, etc. What you may not realize, is that you are literally creating separation between you and your source of abundance by focusing on what is missing in your world.

When you ask for what you want, when you express a need, you are highlighting a state of lack in your world. You are shouting from the mountain tops that you are not enough. This won't flip your abundance switch on!

Here's the thing, chances are it's not about the bucks! Most often what you really want is what you ‘think' money will give you… security, freedom, influence, etc. At an even deeper level what you probably want even more is to do what makes you come alive. So, why focus on the money, when what you really want is a life of meaning.

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, deep inside you are seeking growth and aliveness, wanting to manifest your potential and be all you can be. Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer

If you'd like to have more money so that you can have more freedom in your world, try creating more freedom in your life and notice how abundance flows your way. Here's the shift I'm inviting you to explore: engage money as a tool to help you more fully express yourself and your potential, not as something you need to fill a ‘less than' experience.

Let's explore how to bring this into being in your world. Grab a pad and pen and let's dive in:

1. What is the one thing – that if you had it right now – would totally flip your world?

2. Think of  three ways that you can have the essence of  that right now.

3. Jot down the qualities that would support you in bringing those things into being right now. Who would you become if you expressed those qualities on a daily basis? Imagine yourself as that fully expressed being and feel what it would be like to be that ‘you.'

4. Spend 90% of your energy focusing on the joy of having what IS already abundant in your world. Bring the qualities of your being that aliven you into play as much as possible.

Your ability to experience abundance in your world is directly related to your willingness to embody possibility and  aliveness on a moment by moment basis. Choose expansive experiences and abundance will saturate your world. It's inevitable!

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  1. Adela, this is just what I need to hear…the fears keep me focusing on lack and what I CAN’T do to get to the financial security goal I want. Thanks, looking forward to meeting up with you soon! Jerri

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