March 24


Mind Your Movement, Not Your Money

By Adela Rubio

March 24, 2016

Morning Musing

I recognize the value of tracking your progress in reaching your goals. This is how I excelled in Corporate America, when I managed technology for a New York City law firm. I not only met my goals, I eagerly surpassed them.

This approach is not what led to success in my own work. I have always been the most successful (whether we're talking increased website traffic, greater visibility, abundant income, etc.) when I have been focused on the movement and not the money.

Once I achieved a good level of success in my business I had lots of extra money. I've always been one to invest in myself so that's what I did for my business. I studied with big name marketing gurus and sported membership in a 5-figure mastermind group. It was like going into someone else's closet and putting on the thing that almost fits. Not ideal.

Today's morning musing is about how transformative types flow best when they tune in to their own inner voice. It's also a reminder that what works well for the world at large may not necessarily be the thing for you (especially in your work/business).

Morning Musing

I still, 24 days after setting the goal, haven't done a damn thing about monetization of my content. I set four goals for March. I'm right as rain on two of them, meditation and musing. I'm rocking it out on the movement goal, too. It's a fine line on the latter since I'm prone to extremes. I'm tuning into my body, listening and adjusting as I go along.

However, I am in complete checkout mode on setting up income generation. I have yet to do even 5 minutes of it (a brilliant idea that I got earlier this month). It's not that I don't see it on my list every day or think about it throughout the day. I do. It's that I can't bring myself to put anything together that I really want to do.

I can't work the way I used to! Gasp! I was raised on a strong work ethic. I've always worked my ass off, whether it was working for others or myself. I can't force myself anymore. If I have to push it's not happening. A new song is calling. But, but, but … what's this new tune, darling?

Ready to give it up, girl!? I can't do that either. I really can't. I'm calling in the cosmic forces to help me figure this one out. It's beyond my ken right now. Much of the direction that I take is contingent on sparking up my business again. It's either that or give it up and get a full time j-o-b. (I can only spell it out right now. It's too dangerous to claim it as my fixed reality.) I know I've got the chops for this work but this train is seriously off the track.

Here is what's clear: this is not it. I don't want to create products, or a program either. Even putting together coaching packages is giving me the heebie jeebies. I am a get it done kind of gal (when I'm lined up). So guess what, girlie? This is not lined up. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to come to this conclusion. Plain as the nose on your face, honey lamb!

(Queue in soundtrack of Frozen's Let it go.)

She Works Hard For the Money… Not

For most of my life I've never had to worry about money. I've always made plenty of it and spent it too. I love to splurge on books, tech toys, travel and those I love. As a matter of fact, when I have money I don't let others pay. I enjoy being a benefactor of sorts. The cash flow squeeze since my business fell apart has not been pleasant. It is seriously inhibiting my ability to do what I want.

I think some of this is a subtle revolt against all the marketing training I force fed myself when I decided that my transformative business would be even more successful. I couldn't leave well enough alone. Oh no. I'd use the tools but not be tainted by the models. Guess again, sweetheart! Well, this passive aggressive shit has got to stop. Fess up, my love. You went to the dark side for a while and drank the kool aid (and all the while you knew what you were doing).

I'm beginning to see the light. I'm not jazzed with products or trainings because they address a one-time, issue-oriented solution. That's not how it works from my experience. We are whole beings and cannot be treated in a fragmented fashion. It's like trying to patch up holes in a compromised dam wall. Fix the wall, woman!

(Another idea has popped from the cauldron. Won't name it yet …)

I realize how this goes against the grain of the way I work. Be true. Be you. We're multi-dimensional creatures. I know this business of transformation is a holistic process. The way I work is built on energy, engagement, expression. It's the “E” Force. Like the number 5 it's travel, adventure, a journey. Just like Life! A shift is in the works…

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