From: Adela M. Rubio

Dear Conscious Entrepreneur™,

If you are a heart centered or highly sensitive entrepreneur, creating a conscious business that elicits your essence and showcases your expertise WHILE making money meaningfully can seem like the impossible dream. It's not!

It can be difficult and frustrating to find a mentor who can translate business strategies for someone who is highly creational and has an extraordinarily alive inner world. You ARE different. A lot of the marketing methods and business models out there will not resonate for you. They will probably feel downright uncomfortable and alien.

But first let me unequivocally assure you that . . .

There's nothing wrong with you
And most importantly, you are not alone!

The problem with traditional, out-of-the-box marketing methods is that you won't get to design your authentic business because you won't DO them! You come alive and thrive on deep and meaningful connection. You are highly attuned and uniquely designed to make a difference. Getting your message out to those people who need it most is a calling of the highest order. You'll need a different sort of strategy and model to BE your Business!

It takes time and a good investment of energy to translate marketing and business for highly aware, conscious entrepreneurs. I know because I've invested tens of thousands of dollars on well meaning mentors who just didn't fit ME! It's taken me a while, but I've managed to create a business that reflects my essence, serves a specific tribe and creates an abundant income. I would love to mentor you and show you how to do it too.

The quickest route to achieving mastery is to find a mentor that gets your brilliance, models what's possible and is just ahead of you. If you find someone that's soaring in the clouds, you may not find it do-able.


Building a business, creating a body of work, is like giving birth to a child – a lot of energy, attention and engagement are required. Sifting through all the methods, maps and models to get your business online can be exhausting. Finding someone who can relate to your kind of service and way of working, someone who understands the needs of the Conscious Entrepreneur, can feel even more challenging.

I have been exactly where you are. I know, first hand, how you can spend loads of money on high end programs and still not be able to relate to the expert, or their business building strategies. Are you experiencing any of the following . . .

  • Do you have trouble articulating what you do?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable and unclear about your message?
  • Are you avoiding marketing because you can't find a way to do it that fits YOU?
  • Are you struggling with generating income and finding ideal clients?
  • Is there some part of you that feels like a fraud, that you ‘don't know enough'?

Take a look at what REALLY shifted my business and what we'll be exploring at the Conscious Business Tribe™ mentoring program…


If you're highly aware and in the playground of creative transformation – whether you're a coach, a yoga instructor or an artist – the way you DO business is different. There is a higher game at play here, it's not JUST about making money, and yet as you tap into the ESSENCE of WHO you are income flows abundantly.

Traditional marketing didn't work for me and chances are that you may be struggling with it too. It took me two years to crystalize this my process process. I’ve figured out how create an abundant income that embodies your essence AND makes a difference. Things REALLY changed for me once I discovered the LEAP Business Model:

1. Leverage the power of your time, talent and technology to make a difference.

2. Embody your Essence boldly & relentlessly, in service to others.

3. Align with partners to create massive visibility and credibility.

4. Provide ample opportunities for your specific tribe to experience your expertise.

Your business and your life are your living legacy. Are you ready to show up leaderfully and powerfully? Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get into action? There is no faster way to catapult your business to extraordinary levels of success than through a conscious business community, aka a conscious business tribe.

Just as you exponentially increase the power of your meditation by practicing with a group, a business tribe not only shifts your energy radically it also empowers you through collective intention and amplified brain trust. There is no end to the creativity and energy flow of an aligned, conscious group of business owners.

The intention is to get you into action with your business, while at the same time honoring the flow and essence of your energy and style.

Here's what we'll work on during the coming months:


  • Get Crystal Clear on Your Essential Message. Tap into your essence, articulate what problems you solve, how you deliver those solutions and whom you serve.
  • Implement Your Income Generation Strategies. Craft Your Online Programs and Services. Boost your income using affiliate marketing strategies that serve your tribe.
  • Create profitable Joint Venture partnerships. Identify and connect with ideal partners that align with your message and market.
  • Generate massive online visibility and credibility using Social Media strategies.

Here's the thing: There are a legion of mentors who have the experience and expertise to support you in creating your conscious business. What's different in our approach is the model: We are an Experiential Platform to bring your business into BEing. You learn best by doing, practicing, participating. It's not brain-sticky otherwise.

Imagine you and your business 4-6 months from now. You know what problem you're brilliant at solving, you know who you serve and how to communicate with them AND you're generating income. Get your business activated today, join the Conscious Business Tribe™ Mentoring Program and watch your work ripple out into the world sustainably and profitably.

Depending on your experience, practical expertise, resources and willingness to take action, on average, this can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to accomplish. However, you can start generating income through affiliate marketing pretty quickly implementing the strategies I share.

So, here's my offer . . .

Yes! Give me access to the Conscious Business Tribe™
Mentoring Program Now for ONLY $297/mo!

Take your business from potential to practical! Activate your essential message with a like-minded community AND get masterful support from an experienced conscious entrepreneur:

  • Monthly Group Mentoring & Strategy Call. The focus of our calls will be on implementing the above-mentioned elements in your business. Date and time for these sessions will be set by the end of the month. ($497)
  • Monthly One-on-One 30 minute Strategy Session to activate your business and launch you into action. We'll be able to dive in and get to the core of what will move you and your business. ($500)
  • Access to the Conscious Business Tribe™ Membership Site. Includes access to Conscious Business Bytes, Conscious Business Expert Library, Monthly Business Strategy Call, Monthly Business Vision Activation Call, Conscious Business HOW TO Sessions. ($47/mo)
  • Lead a call at my Community. You'll have the opportunity to lead a call, within my Free Your Essence community on the Weekly Essence Oasis. Leading my community will require readiness on your part, and aligning your facilitation style to fit with my program. I will schedule a training session with me before the end of the year. (Priceless!)
  • Private Group to mastermind with your colleagues and get specific feedback from Adela

These are SMALL groups (4-6 members)
ONLY $297/mo!


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This is a 3-month program and you will be billed $297 on a recurring monthly basis.


Yes! Give me ADVANCE access to the Conscious
Business Tribe™
Mentoring Program

Make a firm commitment to yourself and your business and you'll get…

  • Bonus 30 minute coaching session to help you identify joint venture partners. ($497)
  • $41 Savings

These are SMALL groups (4-6 members)
ONLY $850 for 3 Months PREPAID


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Register by Dec 17 and get a bonus
Business Vision Play Map Group Session

We'll get together and plan out your business strategy for the coming year. No boring list of things to do. This will be energetic, fun and playful. We will percolate and envision HOW you want to play this coming year. You'll come away with practical and ready to implement next steps in your Action Play Map to start off the New Year with a bang! We can dive into action beginning with our first session in January! Session will be held last week in Dec. (Value $497)

There is no better time than right now to start your conscious business. Bring your work to the world and watch how your life gloriously unfolds. When you gift life with your essence, life gifts you abundantly in return. Your financial and spiritual well being are sourced from your heart-aligned work. Only YOU can power up your world with your unique purpose. Say YES . . .

Ready to start . . . I look forward to supporting you on your adventure to a profitable and passionate business!

Playing Powerfully,

Adela M. Rubio
Conscious Business Tribe, Founder

P.S. This is the time to BE the change you seek in the world, transformation begins in your own zip code! Any question? Send me an email and we'll schedule a time to square them away.

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