Adela is a dynamic and inspiring expert on joint venture partnership to power up your platform and profits. She offers in depth expertise on creating engaging and entertaining expert interviews that grow your list fast and create a profitable income stream.

Adela’s speaking style is energizing, connective and inspiring. Her audiences experience a shift in perception and possibility and are inspired to take action to create a profitable platform, while sharing their message of change.


5-Step Strategy to Grow Your List and Generate Income Using Expert Interviews. One of the quickest ways to build your list, create income AND elevate you to expert status is by hosting expert interviews. We will explore the 5-step strategy on how to identify and invite expert players to share their expertise and help you grow your tribe and generate income…fast.

5 Keys to Hosting a Sizzling Online Event That Will Fast Track Your Platform and Your Profits! There are loads of ways to build your list, but nothing will create a viral effect for your following like engaging an aligned community eager for your solutions. It doesn't matter whether you have a list or a following right now. These strategies can put you on the list building fast track!

The Pros and Cons of Joint Venture Partnerships. No matter where you turn today everyone has hopped on the bandwagon of joint venture partnerships – whether it's a telesummit or an affiliate solo email for a partner. Have you decided how much of your business should consist of joint venture projects? How much is too much? We'll cover the why, what and how so that you can determine the when of joint venture partnerships in your business model.

Mastering Your Inner Game. Your ability to bring your vision to life is totally dependent on marshaling your inner resources and aligning them with your creative essence. We'll explore how to shift your energy consciously by using judgment,assumptions and resistance (jar) as transformative agents.

Tap Your Muse to Access Your Authentic Message. The body is often the vehicle for creation but it can also be the vessel for inspiration. Adela shows you how to trust the instinctive and intuitive messages from your body and how you can use your body to dance from inner inspiration to outer creation by using the body as: a tuning fork for ideas and insights that have energy and resonance; the receiver for deep listening to your audience or market; and the instrument for energized and successful action.

Top 3 Marketing Trends Sure To Increase Your Impact and Your Income. Ready to give up tired old marketing standards like elevator speeches and sales conversations? Marketing 1.0 is a goner and Marketing 2.0 is in full swing! There's a new marketing afoot and it is compelling, authentic, and engaged. You'll want to ride these powerful trends to create irresistible, authentic and engaged ‘marketing experiences.'


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[thrive_testimonial name=”Flo Mauri” company=”Thinking Well Consulting” image=””]Adela is very upbeat and attentive to the group and responsive to questions.  She is generous in delivering rich content and shares lots of gold nuggets and resources. Adela inspired me to explore all the possibilities of Facebook, which I've been resisting. Her stamina to deliver a full day webinar that works is amazing! Really great job.[/thrive_testimonial]

[thrive_testimonial name=”Tal Shai” company=”Dream Big Guru” image=””]Adela is truly heart-centered, savvy and authentically generous. I highly recommend learning from her and soaking in her teachings and energy. In todays high speed, low touch online environment her highly accessible and personal teaching style is a breath of fresh air.[/thrive_testimonial]

[thrive_testimonial name=”Colin Tipping” company=”Radical Forgiveness” image=””]The Listbuilding with Expert Interviews was excellent. Adela exudes passion for her subject, and is very thorough, helpful and knowledgeable. A great coach and trainer.  She inspires trust.[/thrive_testimonial]


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