January 9


Living Yes Yes Yes’s

By Adela Rubio

January 9, 2011

Many vulnerabilities arising as I flow my

Shattered ness
Broken pieces
Upon winds of now
No thing ness

Naturally tears dripping sliding dropping
Blessed release
Cleansing cellular sludge from physical body suit

Seeding soil
Of new becoming ness

Opening lighting




Linda LaClaire

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  1. First Draft from my old files:
    May 10, 2010 On my return from the UK Women In Power Initiation
    ALisa Starkweather

    I want to write something about power,
    women’s power,
    innate power,
    power that is not power over
    or belly up under
    but a sacred medicine
    a fiercesome rite of passage
    a collaborative phenomena
    the birthing grounds to our true yes and no.

    Power that when used rightly
    has the ability to restore us
    and rebirth humanity itself to a new dream,
    a new world.
    She is perceived dangerous
    The dragon woman’s transformative fire
    Throwing flames at outworn assumptions

    She is the freedom that moves effortlessly in body
    as tree tosses her leaves,
    snake sheds her skin
    moon moves ocean
    creating cylical tides of our own bleeding.

    I have witnessed this power
    Not on occasion
    but in each breath of us that tenderly holds our life force
    in the bone stories of ancestral wisdom held in the center of our own marrow
    in our grandmother’s swollen belly,
    her umbilical cord nourishing our mother’s developing womb
    holding the eggs of her daughters yet born.

    in the interwoven circles of wisewomen that are gathering across the lands

    She is true north on our compass
    never questioning our value or our worth
    while simutaneously destroying on contact
    old patterns in every lie we dare repeat

    Her power

    Breaks the template
    Disrupts habits.
    Destroys false identities
    Threatens belief systems
    And shall bring at last bring the fall
    of patriarchal structures that can not , will not, any longer
    hold her down.
    Once the slave, the victim, the prey,
    She is now the Sovereign of destiny
    And scared or not she is taking reign within
    woman by woman

    She cares no longer about what you think
    For she is now the responsible determiner her own fate
    Connected and in relationship to every living being.
    She would no sooner cease what flows through her veins now
    Than the waterfall would retreat before falling into great mystery

    One cannot refute the truth of her
    Nor contain the unparalleled pure beauty of her existence.
    She is our rock steady strength in the center of our vulnerability
    Our thunderous knowing breaking the too long silence
    And now she is choosing,
    though it no longer feels a choice
    but more a deep and persistent calling,
    what can no longer be denied saying
    “Become the power you are Sacred Woman”
    “Believe that your time has come embody your birthright power of the Goddess Herself ,
    that always has, always does, always will,
    change everything.”


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