April 6


Live YOUR Life

By Adela Rubio

April 6, 2008

Knowing, Limiting Beliefs

Don't worry about this world; it is not broken. And don't worry about others . . . Don't try to protect people from life; just let them have their experience while you focus upon your own experience. Abraham

“Mind your own business,” right? Easier said than done, especially because certain of our ‘roles' dictate otherwise – mother/father, business owner, manager, teacher, caretaker, etc. Yet haven't you noticed that the things that people come to on their own stick, have more meaning, and are naturally sustainable?

If you're a parent, think of things you've tried to teach your children, moments when you've tried to protect them from some danger. Isn't it true that EXPERIENCE is the only way we come to know anything? Trust that they will come to know, just as you have.

Focusing on another's life can also be a very interesting way of avoiding living your own. Say what? Yes, indeed. The same intelligence that courses through your life runs through everything. So know that all is well and tend to your own patch of the garden. It's the only place for YOUR flowers to bloom.

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