March 1


Live Your Knowing

PhotobucketYou have direct access to living Sourceness. Your body and superconnected energetic essence are a direct connection to knowing. Only YOUR expanded experience is the litmus test to what is TRUE for you right now.

The beauty of what is available now, under an open energy system,is that EVERYTHING can be directly experienced by YOU! No more middle man, you have access to direct knowing. Here's one way to access the infinite pool of alivening YOUness:

1. Breathe, relax, expand to spaces and places you've never been before. Take a dive into your ALLness and allow the immensity of the expanded you and the profundity of your deep eternal inner to occupy the expanded inner and outer spaces of your BEING.

2. Sense the all-encompassing vibrance of the most infinitesimal and colossal aspects of you. Feel the pulsing and weaving of life's evolving essence into your very YOUness NOW.

3. Super-connect your whole being to ALL THAT IS. Feel the new connections to this space, know that this connection gives you access to information in a way that makes sense to you now. Imagine that you ARE the new way of connecting, perceiving and knowing.

4. Ask a question and imagine the download of information pouring through. See the probabilities in images, words, sounds, sensations. Allow the video clips of possibilities to make themselves known to you. Know that there are multitudes upon multitudes of potential
scenarios. Experience them now.

Notice which ones excite you the most? Which ones have your whole being saying, YES!, sparking you into movement? Try them on for size in the virtual reality called ‘your life' and let me know what happens.

Live Your Knowing !



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