January 17


Live From Your Power

By Adela Rubio

January 17, 2010

Energy Shifts, Energy Shifts I

Fear is an adventure in expanding limitations. Think about it. Normally you experience fear when you are at the edge of your experience. You are about to venture off the familiar path, and explore the new.

Take a moment to find the fear in your body right now.

  • Where do you feel the edge that you just won't cross?
  • What is the act that elicits the voices that diminish your resolve?
  • What situation or circumstance spirals you into a quivering mass of doubt and uncertainty?

What if  in your longing for something that is beyond your reach, in this moment, fear were the pathway pointing to the realization of your desire?

Fear is a portal to potential. It is like the North Star, a guiding light that illuminates the road you are to travel.

Imagine yourself fully equipped for the adventure:

1. Expect the Wonder. Merriam Webster describes wonder as “rapt attention or astonishment at something awesomely mysterious or new to one's experience.” Imagine experiencing the mystery of discovery as you encounter what's new in your world.

2. Travel Light. Empty your bags and travel lightly. Leave your assumptions at the door. Surrender your resistance to what's possible. Explore the experience with open curiosity. Your lightness of being will open the doors to clear perception.

3. Rely on Your Design. Your capacity for resourcefulness is encoded in your DNA. You have millions of years of programming for evolution. You have a built-in guidance system that never fails. Avail yourself of your multi-dimensional nature to feel, sense and know. Your innate intelligence will guide you to what's true and what's YES!

Fear is sparkling with possibility. While you're dancing with fear your senses are highly aware and extremely attuned. You are in a hyper-sensing state where everything seems to be magnified.

Imagine the information that is available to you in this heightened state of awareness. Though you may have been trained to avoid fear, shift to experience the gift of being at cause with this pathway to power.

What would the planet look like if you came from your POWER and not your FEAR?

Want to use fear for fuel and shift into your power? Join the BIG Shifts 21-day adventure.

Image: Think Towards the Light, Autumn Skye Morrison

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  1. hello all

    I had a really cool experience this morning. I had a sleep in, so while you all were doing the shift together at 7am, my time. I was dreaming it. In my dream I was in a cottage built by an uncle and aunt that was a “safe” place for me. it was close by my house and I could always go there to feel loved and safe. In the dream the cottage was empty and I was moving in. I had to redo the floors which represents foundation and stability. there was also some issues in the bathroom which represents what am I ready to release. there was also stagnant water in the bathroom, so I am ready to release some stagnant emotions to do with my family, especially my dad. these stagnant issues have to do with me supressing my power growing up, because no one in my family understood what was natural for me to understand and do. I supressed my magic and power, and now I am ready to release any leftover emotions to do with that, and soar. wahoo!!!

    when I woke up from that dream and looked a the time I smiled, becasue I knew what happened. How fun is that!!!

    hugs to all

  2. I was so moved I was unable to check in. I would like to take this moment to say thank you out loud to my precious fear and ask that my deep gratitude be witnessed in writing by our beautiful YES tribe since I was unable to speak.Thank you fear for the perfect wake up call which began this amazing journey. I was so resistant to my dear fear that I literally built a suit of armor and my physical body turned to stone from head to toe. I became completely disabled with what is known as Scleroderma and given less than 2 years survival back in 2002. Best thing that ever happened to me and I am thrilled to say this is when I actually began to live. I have been shifting by leaps and bounds ever since and I am now healthier& happier than I have ever imagined possible, which continues to become even more fantastic each day. Before starting these calls ,the hard skin had softened almost completely with the exception of my hands that have remained in a clawed position. I just noticed yesterday that my fingers in my left hand are beginning to open up. How can I possibly express in words my enormous gratitude for these magnificent energy shifts we have been experiencing together and today’s topic was spot on!!!!!!! Wow Oh Wow! YES YES YES ! Thank you Thank you Thank you! I love you! I am crying tears of Joy.

    1. This is wonderful Ellen! You said YES and chose to open up. Adela helped facilitate and we all support you, but the openness to softness (which may be your power?) is within in you!

      1. The glorious family of IN-Tunedtown join hands and In-circle you with shared In-ergy of Healing and LOVE. We shout a GLORIOUS YES! in celebration of your good tidings. This truly SPARKLES!


    2. ‘Bad news’ can be such a cleansing experience. The lack of something crystalizes the energy of the desire in an unequaled fashion. Glad to welcome you home and have you here with the tribe of YES! Love you too . . .

    3. What a beautiful opening! I tingled all over as I read your response and felt your celebration! Yeah!!!! I’m celebrating with you!!!

  3. Thank you for this piece on Fear. This, I just read, now.
    How timely.

    Life has been challenging of late. It is as tho’ I am being stripped of all I know and am,or,thought I knew and thought I was.It is as tho’ I am being seen and seeing. What I see & know I need to do I don’t care much for and, at the same time, I am shown it is necesssary.
    I am experiencing disappointments in self, others, work, really dealing with the sense of being adrift,lost,kicked in the teeth. Asking what is it about me that I must ALWAYS choose the high road? Noone HEARING me,respecting my boundaries,wishes,needs. Seeing how I am not showing up in the world my self and, seeing those places when I am not hearing, etc.
    Noting that when I am standing tall in truth there are sacrifices. CLEAN HOUSE has been coming to mind and, so, I’ll do that today.Hard to face my self and yet, clean house,trust God,serve others is essential to my wellbeing. Amidst all this awareness of angst and fear is also a deepening relationship with God, self,husband, Trust and Faith.
    Life,for me, is all about duality. I may be in the midst of a “dark” spot yet,I am also shown “Love and light”.
    I may be visited by Fear but what stays is Love.
    (sigh!)There are so many unknowns!
    Today, my plan is to embrace my fears of the unknown and, trust what I do know, Love. Get back to basics for my spiritual,mental,emotional and physical health.
    Clean house,Trust God and Serve Others.

    1. Yes we live in an experience of duality. There is joy and there is pain, but suffering is optional, even amid chaotic change . . . which is pretty prevalent now. There is a lightness to be engaged here Spiritude, if you would but notice. Amid all the rumblings and falling apart there is a silent core of awakening, echoing, reverberating, seeking a resonant tone in your being.

  4. Thank you, dear Adela, for the shift, and for inviting me to dance in the field of technology.

    Fear presents itself when I least expect it. There is the adrenalin-rush-type fear which shows up to warn me in a moment. And there are the fears which are based in beliefs that I have been carrying around with me. I see them as heavy rock walls within me, built over time, camouflaged, until they restrict me from soaring.

    With all this soaring going on these days, I am bumping into walls, and what I find is that there is always a crack somewhere, waiting to open up, waiting for me to swim through, into the depths of no-thing-ness, and on the way explore the wonders of all I see; the beautiful crystals growing out of the walls, ready to absorb all the stuff I don’t need to bring with me on my journey to boundlessness.

    Fear is a friend. Everything we harbor within us is our friend. We have grown these walls. They are a part of our balance. They don’t have to weigh us down, though. They hold possibilities, just waiting to be explored!

    I see a beautiful opening in the wall of a lifetime of instruction that “you can’t be technologically functional and excell in humanities at the same time”. When you helped me feel invited today, I went, “Duh! My 10-year-old boy is doing it all brilliantly”.

    I laugh, and I say Yes. Technology is being integrated into my space of possibilities!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Love, Peace, and Light to you all!


  5. Fear is an awesome thing and I’ve always related to it as a Flight or Fight response; not as an inner guidance mechanism to draw upon for direction. I can aleady feel how this new way of embracing fear and doubt will motivate me out of paralysis and help me find my path of least resistance.

  6. I had to laugh at Britt’s internal GPS. THat is my fear in the nutshell- I get lost all the time with and without a compas. Even telling time can confuse me. Guess it points to my fear of not trusting myself and that I’ll be okay. Hopeing this tribal energy will help me grow inthat area. After all I found allof you- just how “damaged” am I in reality. LoveLoveLove to you all.

    1. Trust is a primal adventure. So many of of us ‘learned’ not to trust so it is now just an unlearning. As you come to experience yourself and others truly, trust arises effortlessly.

  7. I adore today’s picture. Fibonacci..all of Mother is precisely, breathtakingly created. We come back to center and then spiral into the world creatively, precisely, breathtakingly. Re-membering this truth dissipates the fear.

  8. oooh I like the travel light wording–what I think of as needing space to be open to the next bit of information or the next step. And of course there is a GPS (compass for me) built into our DNA. Must simply take it out or turn it on. My internal one always helps me find my way in the woods, so why wouldn’t it be as accurate on my new journey launching my biz.!? I don’t always know the complete path in advance, but that would take all the fun out of my bushwhack anyway! I must only keep the bags light and tune in to my internal homing device for the next step.

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