February 2


Listening to Mind

By Adela Rubio

February 2, 2008



Often we relate to the mind in either it's labeling capacity, it's ability to discern differences or in its stalwart protection of the status quo. Sometimes it may seem as if it is a reluctant partner in this game of shifting and transformation.

You can indeed be aware of your body,  but you can also be aware of your mind – you can right now notice all the thoughts and ideas and images floating in front of the mind's inward eye. You can, in other words, experience your mind, be aware of your mind. And it's very important to experience your mind directly, cleanly, intensely, because only by bringing awareness to the mind can you begin to transcend the mind and be free of its limitations. Ken Wilber

What if instead of the fretting and fussing with our thoughts we just allowed them to float on the surface of the ocean of being and allowed them to plop where they may, knowing that ‘all is well' and that noticing and opening to ALL will land that experience fully.

Try on them boots!

Image: Light,  Zsuzsanna Kilian

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