June 22


Limiting Beliefs Hamper Your Intentions

By Adela Rubio

June 22, 2009

Limiting Beliefs

An intention, or a desire, naturally manifests an impulse to take some kind of action that will lead you to the realization of your desire.

It's a built in mechanism, like your desire to eat when you're hungry or sleep when you're tired. It doesn't matter whether that desire is a new job, more money, weight loss, or a relationship.

It's as inevitable as the launching of a guided missile. We decide on our target, track the best path to our target and launch the missile. The launching of your desire happens in a matter of seconds. The manifestation of it, however, can take longer. Sometimes it can seem like forever.

So when that happens you may think you need more information. You might seek that information thru various channels – internet search, training, expert advice. If you find the ‘right' piece of information – that missing link – you'll get to where you want to go. Right?

OK. What happens when you have ALL the information and you still don't realize your intention? Has this ever happened to you?

Let's take weight loss. I've had a bit of experience with this in my role as a personal trainer and health club owner. Some of the approaches that I've used with clients have been — join a gym, hire a personal trainer, find a training partner, join Weight Watchers, and keep healthy foods in your home. Imagine my surprise, not to mention my clients, when all the information in the world has not created the desired result. How frustrating!

In working with clients who've encountered these roadblocks, I’ve noticed that the reason they're stumped is because the internal environment has not shifted. Somewhere in the nooks and crannies of their inner being lies some burrowed belief that is not in synch with their Intention. These conflicting intentions are a critical barrier to the attainment of the desired outcome.

Here's another way to think of it. In the case of weight loss you may have some spyware installed – programs running in the background – that you are not even aware of. Some of the ‘spyware' I've encountered regarding changing the body are:

It's really hard to cook healthy
I don't have time for exercise
I hate exercise
I hate gyms

Some of these programs have sub-routines and it can get really interesting to unravel. What I have found is that without some honest inquiry and addressing the internal belief system we can stay in a loop of weight loss/weight gain and the continuum of our health will fluctuate as these programs kick in, over and over again.

I was born this way, my body can't change.
If I'm really attractive I may be forced into dating/relationship again.
What will it say about me if I can't maintain the results.
Will my friends still feel comfortable around me.

Awareness is the first step, then creating internal as well as external environments that support your intention or desire.

Think of an intention or desire related to your body that you have not made much headway with. Now, write down your thoughts about what's stopping you. Take it a step further and notice what thoughts are lying just underneath the surface. This can be the tricky part and often you need some help with this. Don’t go with the first response, allow the information to pour out and capture it either in writing or by partnering with someone and having them jot down the gems. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

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