Light Blessings

I'm thinking of my circle and sending you a bevy of blessings, from my heart to yours. I trust this Season of Light blesses you with a bounty of peace, presence, wonder, and delight. (I used to think those couldn't co-exist!)

This graphic brought to mind how we each are a sacred thread in the divine tapestry. Our invitation is to weave it into being. This awakening adventure – to fulfill the promise of your divine design – is not always pansies and posies. It takes courage and willingness to step into the yet-to-be.

As we walk into the sacredscape of archetypal celebrations, I join with you in weaving a truth that lives within us all:

May you bask
in the bliss
of the light you are

May you bask
in the bliss
of the light you bring

Let's weave wonder,

PS I don't have a source for the graphic above. If you know who it belongs to let me know. I'm always happy to credit.



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