October 12


Life is Always in Partnership

By Adela Rubio

October 12, 2010

Energy Shifts, Inner Game Mastery

Ever yearned for something so deeply, and envisioned it ‘just so'  that when the answer to your longing showed up looking differently than you expected you didn't recognize it? This happens all the time. You launch an intention and visualize specifically how you want it to be and then you forget the most vital step in bringing it into being: releasing it!

Miracles seem to rest, not so much upon faces or voices or healing power coming suddenly near to us from far off, but upon our perceptions being made finer so that for a moment our eyes can see and our ears can hear that which is about us always.

Willa Cather

Visualizing is like a magnet drawing your desire to you. However, it does call for you to release your expectation of what shows up on your doorstep. This process is an invitation to cleanse the doors of perception: what you see, what you hear, what you feel, what you sense, what you know. It is only in surrendering the surface layers of your awareness that what's true can bubble up.

Often what can show up in your world, as you summon your dreams from their dusty crevices, are the barriers to your intention coming to life. That's not so you don't get what you're wanting! It's life's way of showing you the door, “This way it hollers!” Addressing the current illusion, or  misalignment, is the order of the day.

So, when life is handing you ‘apparent lemonade' say, “Fill ‘er up! I'm ready for what's next.” As my friend Rumi says in The Guest House, “Welcome and entertain them all.”

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