Let’s Celebrate Gratitude

What if celebration, at a deeper level, was really about the energy of BEING life? Wouldn't you have reason to celebrate in any, and every, moment?

Celebration is woven into the very fabric of your being. Notice how special events and moments are honored with great fanfare. What if THIS moment were a ‘special occasion?' It is, you know. It will never happen again. It's a once in a lifetime happening.

Celebration is a powerful archetype that you get to embody every day. Celebration is the highest form of gratitude. It creates a high vibing experience of joy that attracts more joy and celebration into your every day world.

Celebration is a ritual that invokes a NEW reality. Starting off with celebrating the every day wins, you come to experience an avalanche of abundancce. The richness of Life enfolds you.

Celebration is an acknowledgement of the abundance that is you and yours. It gives thanks for the richness of your flow, attracting even more of it.

Celebration is a marker of manifesting your visions, of making your imaginings a palpable reality. It celebrates the promise and the pathway, as well as the ‘dreams come true.'

Celebration creates community, especially as you align around a powerful intention. Celebrating the flow of lightness in your world, as a group, creates powerful magic AND manifestation. It's also an empowering affirmation that we ALL share in the abundance that is Life.

Every man dies.  Not every man really lives. Braveheart

The energy of celebration is an alivening force that anchors you in what’s TRUE. Let's celebrate the mystery, the magic and the wonder of BEing … here and now!

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Brought to you by Adela Rubio, Consciousness Catalyst and Evolutionary Coach.

Image: Dandelion Fireworks, Aussiegall

Adela Rubio

Adela Rubio writes and speaks on awakening your creative essence with the power of collaboration and community. She's hosted 20+ Women's Writing Circles, 30-Day Adventures, and Telesummits.

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