May 2


Learn to Get Paid to Create and Host Events with Sponsorships

By Adela Rubio

May 2, 2010

Business Tips, Expert Interviews

Power Publicist

Imagine a company paying you to do what you already do. Discover the secrets to creating successful sponsorships in this new presentation from Shannon Cherry, The Power Publicist.

You will learn to:

  • utilize sponsorships to pay for a trip to an event, or even pay for YOUR OWN event, including live or virtual events such as telesummits and teleseminars
  • target sponsors who are willing to pay for reaching your audience
  • know what to offer that entices businesses to hand you money
  • and much more

Shannon Cherry is the founder of Be Heard Solutions. For more than 18 years, she's helped coaches, consultants and businesses like yours attract more clients and make more profits using free public relations and marketing tools. A former TV anchor and journalist, and one of the top media experts and publicists in the world (she’s gotten several entrepreneurs and small business owners on Oprah!) Shannon is the Power Publicist. She helps business owners and entrepreneurs attract more customers through publicity and marketing. Shannon publishes the popular and highly-recommended ezine, Be Heard!, delivered to more than 8000 subscribers each month.

List Building Promotion Secrets. Stop struggling to build a list of qualified, targeted customers, while earning publicity and credibility. How to build targeted opt-in email lists, so you can convert them into paying clients… anytime you want.

Listen to the audio…

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